Cutest girl in the World 2018-19

Having previously posted “the hottest women in the world 2018-19” now we are going to list “the cutest girl in the world 2018”.

1.Melanie Papalia

cutest girl

Melanie Papalia is a Canadian actress who was born on July 11, 1984, in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has appeared in many television and movie series. She is well known and popular for her role as Dana in American Pie Presents “The Book of Love” as well as for her roles in movies such as Postal in 2007,  Frankie and Alice in 2010. Asides her talent in acting, she is also cute, attractive and she has a fine body shape, some of the Canadian are interested to know more about her love life which she has been keeping to herself and till date, nothing has been revealed about her love affairs. Melanie has an average height which is 5 feet and 4 inches tall.


2. Selena Gomez

  cutest girl

Selena Marie Gomez is an American actress, singer, and songwriter, she is 25 years of age and she is best known for her role as Alex Russo in the TV series “Wizards of Waverly place”. Selena’ s stardom began when she appeared as “Gianna” on Barney and Friends season 7 when she was just seven years old Selena’s  net worth is worth $16 million , she is the richest actress in the US, she loves spending a lot of money on clothes, she has many outfits for different events ( she likes shopping a lot). Selena is one of the cutest girl in the world, she is too beautiful to behold. She has also partaken in the charity business by raising funds for “Raise Hope for Congo” which created awareness against the violence against women of Congo. She has four dogs namely Willy, Fina, Chip, and Wallace. Sha has been dating the popular singer and rapper Justin Bieber since 2010 and they broke up after 2 years of dating meanwhile, rumors have it that they have settled their differences and their love life is back on track. Adorable Selena is a fan of the exotic ride, she was spotted recently at a gas station filling up fuel in her beautiful Ford Escape.

3. Emily Tennant

Cutest girl

Cute, baby-faced Emily Tennant is also a Canadian actress who is known for her roles in Triple Dog, Juno, and I, Robot. In 2016. She started out her career when she was 10 year old. She was born on August 9, 1990 (age 27) in Vancouver, Canada.  Emily Tennant’s movies to hit the theatres was “Frankie And Alice”  in the year 2011. According to our research, Emily is possibly single.

4. Kristen Stewart

Cutest Girl


Twilight star Kristen Stewart is an American actress, model, and director. She was born on April 9, 1990 (27years) in Los Angeles, US. She grew up amidst the family that worked behind the camera. At age 14, she starred in the Children’s action comedy ‘catch that kid’ in 2004 as her first role. She is being known for her role as Bella Swan in the 2008 Twilight Saga where she played lovestruck, the romance continued off-camera as she started dating the British star Robert Pattinson from 2008-2013 after they broke up, Kristen starts dating a girl named Stella Maxwell in 2016. Kristen has won so many awards and gotten some nominations and she has also played the character ‘Snow White’ in snow white and the Huntsman. so  people still count her when they talk about the cutest girl so we also included her in the list


5. Anna Hathaway

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5.8inches tall, dark-haired and cutest Anne Hathaway is one of the highest paid actress in 2015. Anne is an American actress and singer. She has appeared on the Forbes celebrity 100 in 2009. She is married to Adam Shulman in 2012 and they have a child. She has ranked no 9 in the 2011 Ask Men Top 99 “most desirable women” list, and this could be the reason why she is included on the list of the cutest girl in the world. Her major first role was I the TV series “Get Real”. She got another role that made her famous in the “Princess Diaries” where she played the role of a teen who suddenly discovered that she is royalty.  She also found success in the movie “The devil wears Prada in 2006 and she played Mia Thermopolis. Aside from acting, she supported many charities like lollipop theater network and step up women’s network.



6. Emma Watson

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27 years pretty Emma Watson started out her career at the age of 10 when she earned the role of Hermione Granger in the harry potter movie. Emma is a British actress, activist, and model, she was born in Paris, France and was raised Oxfordshire. She was trained as an actress at the Oxford branch of stagecoach theatre arts; she has several piercings in her ears. Emma got her driving test in the US in 2008 and now drives a Toyota Prius. Emma was an ambassador for the United Nations (UN), empowering women and promoting gender equality. In May 2014, this cutie graduated from Brown University. The last year 2017 she starred in the beauty and the beast (Disney Fantasy). She has two middle names (Charlotte and Duerre). She likes men with great sense of humor and men with good conversation skills.



7. Emmy Rossum


Damsel Emmanuelle Grey Rossum was raised by her single mother Cheryl Rossum, Emmy was born in the New York City. Her stardom emerged on her 18th birthday as she appeared in two different movies, the day after tomorrow and phantom of the opera. She passed an audition at the metropolitan opera when she was 7 years old and Emmy featured in more than 20 operas in six different languages, she was on TV at age 11, she then leave the opera when she was at her teenage years seeing that she had grown very tall and her performance cannot fit in a child’s role. Apart from being an actress, she is also a singer-songwriter. Her role as Fiona Gallagher on the Showtime series “shameless” brought her to the limelight. To crown it all, she is a smart, pretty and purpose-driven lady that why she has to the list of the cutest girls in the world. Her love for shoes can’t be compared to others, she had confessed to having 50 to 60 pairs of shoes (she is obsessed with shoes). Rossum campaigned against sexual violence at the 2014 rape foundation’s annual branch.


 8. Jessica Alba


Jessica Marie Alba is an American actress and businesswoman. She resides in Los Angeles, California, USA. This 36 years, cute, luscious lips & has a net-worth of $340 million as at 2016. She started her career in 1994 at age 13 in Camp Nowhere and the secret world of Alex Mack. She was ranked no 3 in FHM magazines in “100 sexiest women in the world” in 2006 and also, our list of the cutest girl in the world won’t be completed without including the gorgeous angel Jessica Alba.

9. Sarah Hyland


Sarah Hyland love to workout and she like to build muscle, she does an hour full-body workout in five to six days in a week. She has a tattoo on her wrist which reminds her to count 1 to 10 whenever she is stressed, upset or scared, these numbers clear her head. Looking at her awesome tattoo helps her live her life better every day. Sarah is naturally confident and feels good about her body.she is known for her cutest flaunts & these flaunt taker her into our cutest girl list. well, Sarah is an American actress and she attended a Professional Performing Arts School in Manhattan. Cute petite, cheeky Sarah was born in November 1990 (27years). She is the daughter of actors Melissa Canaday and James Hyland. It is a pity that Sarah has had 10 surgeries to improve her health since she had been given birth to, she received a kidney transplant with her father’s kidney in 2012 when she was diagnosed with kidney dysplasia. At age 5 she got her first acting job as Howard Stern”s daughter in the movie “Private Parts”.

10. Jodelle Micah Ferland

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Young and beautiful Jodelle Micah Ferland is a Canadian actress born on October 9, 1994. Jodelle was born in Nanaimo, British Columbia. She was born to Valerie and Marc Ferland. She also has siblings who are also actress Marisha Ferland and Jeremy Ferland is a musician.Jodelle started out her career in commercials at age 2. She made her first movie debut at the age of four in the TV series “Mermaid” for which she received an Emmy nomination, and this makes her be the youngest nominee in Emmy history. And since then, she has made some guest appearances in several TV series.During Jodelle spare time, she spends her time in gymnastics and art. She also played violin when she was at a young age, but she is now learning guitar, and she also enjoys hanging out with her family and friends. Jodelle is becoming somewhat of a horror movie legend, the Horror type of movie is Jodelle’s favorite genre to work in, when it comes to the Horror genre Jodelle is very natural when on screen.