Dybala| Similarities Paulo Dybala & Messi


Dybala| Similarities “Paulo Dybala & Messi”


What is it with Argentina and south claws (left footers), they seem to be producing them on an assembly line, and the assembly line sure does produce quality.


From marzolini to masarela and Kempe’s to Maradona to di Maria to Lionel Messi, the South American nation has produced legend after legend who plays with the ‘wrong’ foot, the latest left-footed youngster to make waves is the Cordoba-born ‘Instituto’ graduate Paulo Bruno Exequiel Dybala currently plying his trade in Series A with Juventus as a playmaking striker-cum-midfielder (whatever his team and coach need him to be)


Mixed Polish, Italian and Argentine by origin Paulo(affectionately called la Joya) made his debut with Instituto de Cordoba at 17, he broke another left Footer’s ( Mario Kempis’s)record of being the youngest goal scorer. Another feat of his was that he became the first player to play 38 matches (a whole season).


Like most people’s stories, Paulo’s story began an ocean and two generations ago, when his grandfather immigrated to Argentina in a successful attempt to ignore the Second World War.


Not only supremely fit, Paulo scored 2 hat tricks with Cordoba, bringing him on the European radar, probably thought it was his record-breaking 6 match scoring streak that earned him a transfer to Palermo where he was unveiled as the new Sergio Aguero, and despite minor trans- Atlantic controversies between the clubs, he stayed



In his first two (the 2013 and 2014) seasons Dybala remained a promising prospect with flashes of brilliance. His breakthrough season, however, was the 2014-15 season when he found a comrade in Franco Vazquez finishing the season with 13 goals and 10 assists, highlighting his credentials as not a marksman but also as a creator or as they say in Italian a ‘Quarista’.


The joint top assist provider of Series a was obviously in many clubs ‘ plans but on 4th June 2015, Juventus announced his signing for a gross sum of 40 million euros (including 8 million Euros in add once and bonuses.)


Assigned the number 21 Jersey,(formerly worn by legend Andrea Pirlo) in the first half of the season. Paulo managed 6 goals and 2 assists, a sum second only to Roberto Baggio’s and greater than the returns from del Piero and Tevez. Instrumental in the 2015-16 title win, Dybala finished as Juventus’s top scorer with 23 goals that season. As a banner that season claimed, ‘a star was born’.


Arguably The finest night of his career was his brace against Barcelona said to have been inspired by his chic and beautiful lady friend Antonella Cavalieri. A sight for sore eyes Antonella too is an Argentine national, working as a model while completing her financial degree Antonella has been a catalyst for Paulo who since meeting her in 2015, has only kept on getting better. The old dictum of a woman being behind a successful man, May indeed is true.


What that night against Barcelona also did was raised his brand value once more, with Nike Adidas and Under sport said to be the front-runners in the race for his signature. And these are just shoe companies, a host of clothing and car companies too have secured his services since that fateful night


Adequately skilled enough on the field Paulo does need to learn some media tricks as the recent media created controversy between him and Messi (which the latter dismissed with a smile) showed.


Paulo having played under Antonio Conte at Juventus has also developed a fastidious work ethic, often seen around the field breaking up opponent’s moves, even tracking back and helping outside his D the left-footer is most dangerous higher up the field.


His recent shift to the number 10 Jersey increases similarities between him and Lionel Messi. How so ever similar do the two diminutive left-footed Argentine players look there still remains a huge gulf between them, with Dybala (as his assists show) is more a creator, an attacking midfield general, than a creator.



The similarities between them do not end there though; both prefer playing up front as a number 10 or on the right wing, giving their left feet the best possible chance to unleash terror.


He prefers to make efficient passes; hence the wow factor only factors in when he takes his long left-footed shots from outside the area.