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Lots of sites around the internet have recorded that London the capital of Great Britain is the most beautiful capital city in the world and also that coming in second place in Islamabad the capital of Pakistan. But truly and worthy of note is that most people only hype their own country capitals as the most beautiful just for personal and patriotic reasons but in this article, we will bring the facts as our name implies on the top-10 beautiful capital city in the world. Hopefully, after reading this article there will be fewer arguments in the alley and the school compound.


beautiful capital city in the world

Tokyo comes in on top of the list as a beautiful capital city in the world with her many astonishing lights and museums. In Ueno Park, there is the Tokyo National Museum, the country’s largest museum and specializing in traditional Japanese art; the National Museum of Western Art and Ueno Zoo. Other museums include the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Odaiba; the Edo-Tokyo Museum in Sumida. Tokyo hosted the 1964 Summer Olympics, thus becoming the first Asian city to host the Summer Games. The National Stadium, also known as the Olympic Stadium, was host to a number of international sporting events. In 2016, it was to be replaced by the New National Stadium. As the largest population center in Japan and the site of the country’s largest broadcasters and studios, Tokyo is undoubtedly a wonder to behold. As of 2003, Japan spent $208 billion a year on public works projects such as highways, tunnels, dams, and bridges. Construction consumes 40 percent of the national budget.

2. London

beautiful capital city in the world

London is one of the world’s leading tourism destinations which in turn makes this city one of the most beautiful capital city in the world, and the city is home to an array of famous tourist attractions. The city attracted 19.1 million international visitors in 2017, making it one of the worlds most visited in terms of international visits. The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel located on the edge of the River Thames. It is 135 meters tall and has a diameter of 120 meters. A short walk away, the area boasts the London Aquarium, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and Nelson’s Column. In 2013, the tallest building in London, the Shard, opened a viewing platform to the public.

3. Dublin(Ireland)

beautiful capital city in the world

Dublin has many landmarks and monuments dating back hundreds of years. One of the oldest is Dublin Castle, which was first founded as a major defensive work on the orders of England’s King John in 1204, shortly after the Norman invasion of Ireland in 1169, when it was commanded that a castle be built with strong walls and good ditches for the defense of the city, the administration of justice, and the protection of the King’s treasure. Largely complete by 1230, the castle was of typical Norman courtyard design, with a central square without a keep, bounded on all sides by tall defensive walls and protected at each corner by a circular tower. Sited to the south-east of Norman Dublin, the castle formed one corner of the outer perimeter of the city, using the River Poddle as a natural means of defense. Over the past twenty years, the Irish Government has implemented successive programmes of infrastructure development and investment. This has helped modernize traditional areas and create new sectors around Ireland’s abundant natural energy capabilities to support Dublin’s economic progress well into the future.

4. Berlin

beautiful capital city in the world

Berlin is best known for its historical associations as the German capital, internationalism and tolerance, lively nightlife, its many cafés, clubs, bars, street art, and numerous museums, palaces, and other sites of historic interest. Berlin’s architecture is quite varied. Berlin make our list of the beautiful capital city in the world not just for its ambiance but also for the part the city has played in the preserving the great history of her people and this makes this city so unique and beautiful.

5. Madrid 

beautiful capital city in the world

Madrid is the capital and largest city of Spain, as well as the capital of the autonomous community of the same name (Comunidad de Madrid). The population of the city is roughly 3.3 million with a metro area population of almost 6.5 million. Madrid is best known for its great cultural and artistic heritage, a good example of which is the El Prado Museum. Madrid also boasts some of the liveliest nightlife in the world. Not just for the color but for the wonderful and amazing sites that greet people on arrival to this wonderful city, not just being home to one of the greatest football team on earth but the food and delicious cuisine that each and every café and restaurant has to offer Madrid makes this list of the beautiful capital city in the world.

6. Paris

beautiful capital city in the world

Paris the capital of France, is one of Europe’s largest cities, with 2.2 million people living in the dense, central city and almost 12 million people living in the whole metropolitan area. Located in the north of France on the river Seine, Paris has the well-deserved reputation of being the most beautiful and romantic of all cities, brimming with historic associations and remaining vastly influential in the realms of culture, art, fashion, food, and design. Dubbed the city of lights and fashion capital of the world, it is home to the world’s finest and most luxurious fashion designers and cosmetics, such as Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent, Guerlain, Lancôme, L’Oréal, Clarins, etc. Paris boasts perhaps the world’s best infrastructure,. Cable TV, internet, and telephone, as well as the Metro, the bus, and the RER train system all are likely less costly than comparable services anywhere in the world.

7.  Sydney

beautiful Capital City in the World

Sydney is known as the Harbor City, also the largest city in Australia with an enviable reputation as one of the world’s most beautiful capital city in the world. Brimming with history, nature, culture, art and fashion among others. Sydney’s sit next to miles of ocean coastline and sandy surf beaches. Long-term immigration has led to the city’s reputation as one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in Australia and the world. The city is also home to the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, two of the most iconic structures on this planet.

8. Washington

The beautiful capital city in the world | 2018-19

Washington D.C is the capital of the United States of America and the seat of its three branches of government, as well as the federal district of the U.S. The city has an unparalleled collection of free, public museums and many of the nation’s most treasured monuments and memorials. The high point on the National Mall between the Capitol, Washington Monument, White House, and Lincoln Memorial are famous throughout the world as icons of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful nation. D.C. shed its former reputation as a boring and dangerous city and it now has shopping, dining, and nightlife befitting a world-class metropolis. Travelers will find the city to be exciting, cosmopolitan, and international.

9. Vienna

beautiful capital city in the world

Vienna is an Austrian state. It is the capital of the Republic of Austria and by far the largest city in Austria with its population of more than 1.7 million. As expected Vienna is Austria’s cultural, economic, and political center. As the former home of the Habsburg court and its various empires, the city still has the trappings of the imperial capital it once was, and the historic city center is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Apart from optimal traffic connections via road, rail, the Danube River and by air, Vienna has also significantly developed its activities on the international data highway. Vienna has invested heavily in expanding its telecommunications infrastructure compared to other EU member states. Companies in Austria can take advantage of state-of-the-art, high-capacity networks, and systems.

10. Milan (Italy)

beautiful capital city in the world

Milan is financially the most important city in Italy. It has the second most populous city proper in the country but sits at the center of Italy’s largest urban and metropolitan area. While incorrectly not considered as beautiful as some Italian cities, having been partly destroyed by Second World War bomb raids, the city has rebuilt itself into a thriving cosmopolitan business capital. In essence, for a tourist, what makes Milan interesting compared to other places is that the city is truly more about the lifestyle of enjoying worldly pleasures: a paradise for shopping, football, opera, and nightlife.

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Sienna Miller | The Story Of Sienna Miller http://whatsthefacts.com/sienna-miller-the-story-sienna-miller/ Sun, 01 Apr 2018 07:46:13 +0000 http://whatsthefacts.com/?p=1141 Sienna Rose Diana Miller is popularly known by her stage name as Sienna Miller, she is a British-American actress and

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Sienna Rose Diana Miller is popularly known by her stage name as Sienna Miller, she is a British-American actress and also a model and fashion designer. Sienna Miller was Born on December 28, 1981, in New York City, she had already been taken to live in Parsons Green (an area that located in southwest London) when she was eighteen months old. Her mother is a South African and she belongs from British American nationality since her father is an American. Her father, Edwin Miller was an American banker who later changed his profession as a dealer of Chinese Art and her mother name was Josephine Miller. Her family moved from London to the United States. She was raised properly together with her sister, Savannah by her mother after her parents got divorced.

Sienna Miller grew up surrounded by the theatre and wanted to be an actress from a young age. Her mother, who at one time ran the Lee Strasberg Institute in London, went into labor with her while watching the Nut Cracker Suite.

Sienna Miller

Afterward, Sienna attended the Heathfield School in Ascot, Berkshire, she then returned to her birthplace to develop her acting skills at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.  Her role as a supporting cast in Alfie was remarkable in the year 2004. She acted during the time alongside with Jude Law. Apparently, she was started starring in several movies one after another.   What Sienna did not expect was that she would helplessly fall in love with the leading man of “Alfie,” Jude Law, who also experienced the same feeling. Within a month after her first acquaintance of the gorgeous actor, Jude Law, she decided to end her former relationship with her boyfriend, David Neville who is a model whom she had dated since 2001. The news of her becoming Law’s new girlfriend created the great sensation as Jude had just officially divorced his wife, Sadie Frost. This undoubtedly propelled her to receive more publication and automatically brought her name to the surface. With this increasing status, she gloriously earned a supporting role in Lasse Halstrom’s ” Casanova” in (2005).

She was happily engaged to Law after he proposed to her on Christmas Day in the year 2004, Sienna was shocked upon her They were engaged on a Christmas day during the year 2004. Law, during one of the public event, made a confession to Sienna Miller in July 2005 for having affair with someone else. Law was having an affair with his children’s nanny named Daisy Wright, while he was filming “All the King’s Men” in Louisiana, U.S. Miller was Devastated by Law’s high level of infidelity, Sienna put no delay to end their engagement even though Jude Law had revealed his regret publicly.

After several months, however, she was willing to give him a second chance under some terms and conditions, especially that of not cheating on her again. Meanwhile, Sienna’s career went smoothly as she was cast to play the lead female in ” Factory Girl ” in 2006 while she was also being able to make her West End debut, playing Celia in the stage production of “As You Like It” at Wyndham’s Theatre in London.

Barely one month together, Law discovered that Sienna Miller was also having an affair with his best friend, actor Daniel Craig, whom she met during the production of “Layer Cake.” This relationship has reportedly started months before she began dating Law which meant that she had cheated him right behind his back. Law felt betrayed, he then ordered her to leave their home in London and by the middle of October 2005, the couple permanently ended their engagement amidst the tidings of her pregnancy.  However, the love story between them apparently still continued as they were spotted spending a night together in London a month later, bringing out the rumors of reconciliation which then was confirmed when both of them attended the premiere of “Casanova.”  Sadly, their relationship again only lasted for such a brief time as they once again decided to put an end to their relationship by late January 2006, with Law saying that it was for good.

Before her professional acting career surfaced, Miller worked as a photographic model. She signed with Tandy Anderson of (Select Model Management London), and also modeled for Coca-Cola, Italian Vogue, and she posed topless in the 2003 Pirelli Calendar. Hugo Boss Fragrances announced that Miller would be the new ambassador for their women’s BOSS Orange women’s perfume in February 2009.

Miller is successful with her net worth which is mostly earned by her playing the character of a drug-addicted, and chain-smoking as well as emotionally drained personality. She has an incredible salary along with the net worth of about 18 million dollars within the present.    Sienna Miller is an ambassador for the UK branch of the Starlight Children’s Foundation, which works with seriously ill children and their parents. She is also the Global Ambassador for International Medical Corps. And she traveled with them to the Democratic Republic of Congo in April 2009 and kept a blog about her experiences. She had also visited Haiti with the group after the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Sienna also worked alongside Global Cool during their 2007 eco-friendly campaign.

She was announced as the face of Pepe Jeans in 2006 with financial backing from Pepe, she and her sister Savannah launched the label Twenty8Twelve by Miller which indicate her date of birth. She spoke of the collaboration in an interview with the LA Times: “If I was on my own, people might just think it was a quick fix, but because Savannah’s a designer, it sort of makes sense. I know what I like, I can describe it, but she’s the genius.” the two sisters later left the label as co-creative directors in January 2012 to focus on other ventures. The line continued under its existing design team as “Twenty8Twelve London”.

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller won lawsuits against a photographer and an agency in the year 2008 for taking photographs of her filming a nude scene. The case made her receive a substantial payout and resulted in tightened privacy legislation. She said in an interview with The Guardian that “I’ve bought my freedom, in a way… They can’t take photographs of me anywhere I expect privacy.” She was also one of the first people to take action against News International in relation to the phone-hacking scandal and gave evidence at the Leve son Enquiry in November 2011.

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Facts of Albert Einstein | The mysterious Facts about professor http://whatsthefacts.com/facts-albert-einstein-mysterious-facts/ Thu, 29 Mar 2018 10:25:35 +0000 http://whatsthefacts.com/?p=1131 Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany on March 14, 1879. Beginning with a flurry of papers in 1905, he

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Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany on March 14, 1879. Beginning with a flurry of papers in 1905, he turned classical physics around with his special and general theories of relativity, which revolutionized scientists’ understanding of everything from space and time to gravity and energy. Einstein’s mind-blowing scientific ideas made his name a synonym for genius. Albert’s life and time have always been a story for most budding geniuses around the world. Here are some amazing facts of Albert Einstein that will make you want to put on your thinking hats.


When Einstein was born on March 14, 1879, his parents were afraid that he was deformed because his head was so large and misshapen. Their doctor was not concerned and within a few weeks, Einstein’s head was normally shaped. Later, Einstein’s parents thought he might be mentally retarded because he did not speak until he was four years old. Facts of Albert Einstein have it that He broke his silence one night at dinner saying, “The soup is too hot.” When his parents asked why he had not spoken previously, the young Einstein responded, “Because up to now everything was in order.” Still, he spoke only haltingly until he was nine years old, practicing sentences in his head or under his breath until he got them right.

facts of Albert Einstein


Einstein won the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics “for his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.” The Nobel Committee wrote that it was awarding the prize to Einstein “without taking into account the value that will be accorded your relativity and gravitational theories after these are confirmed in the future.” While astrophysicist Arthur Eddington had proved the theory of relativity in 1919, the Nobel Committee believed Eddington’s work was too unreliable to serve as proof.


Einstein divorced his first wife, Mileva, on February 14, 1919. Facts of Albert Einstein gather that as part of their divorce settlement, Einstein signed away all future Nobel Prize money, in the event that he should win some. The money was placed in a trust for his sons. His wife could use the interest on the money but had no ability to access the capital.


According to a recently discovered manuscript, Einstein proposed an alternate Big-Bang theory in 1931. The document was stored in the Albert Einstein Archives in Jerusalem and overlooked for decades. While it had been available for view online, the manuscript was mistakenly described as the first draft of a different paper. The document shows Einstein’s initial excitement over the Big-Bang theory, a “rough draft” according to James Peebles of Princeton University. However, as Einstein never pursued the concept, academics believe that he was merely exploring an intriguing idea.



Appearing on this list of facts of Albert Einstein is his poor memory status. He was unable to remember dates and could not remember his own phone number. As a student, one of his teachers claimed that he had a memory like a sieve. Once when he was traveling on a train, the conductor approached to collect his ticket. Einstein began searching his pockets, but the conductor recognized him and said he could ride for free. Einstein responded, “Thank you, but if I don’t find my ticket I won’t know where to get off the train.”

facts of Albert Einstein


Our list of Facts of Albert Einstein has it that Shortly after the death of Israel’s first president, Chaim Weizmann, David Ben-Gurion asked Einstein to become the second president of Israel. Einstein declined, stating that at 73 years of age he was too old for the job and that he lacked the “natural aptitude and the experience to deal properly with people.”


Before Einstein married his first wife, Mileva, they discovered that she was pregnant. They were too poor to marry and so Mileva returned to her family and gave birth to a girl named Lieserl. Einstein and Mileva kept the child’s existence a secret and it is unknown what happened to the girl or if Einstein ever saw her. Most believe that Lieserl either died from scarlet fever or was given up for adoption while still a baby.


In our list of facts of Albert Einstein, we see how Einstein grew apart from his first wife, Mileva, after becoming a successful academic. After they tried reconciling, Einstein proposed a “contract” under which they could continue living together. His conditions were that his wife will make sure his clothes are kept in good order, that his wife must regularly give him his three meals of the day in his room, and that his study is kept clean. He also made his wife renounce all relations with him for social reasons. He further demanded that his wife should not talk to him unless he requested being spoken to  Mileva accepted his terms, but the two ultimately divorced.


After performing an autopsy on Einstein’s body, pathologist Thomas Harvey kept his brain after the rest of the body was cremated. Despite violating Einstein’s wishes, Harvey convinced Einstein’s son to let him keep it for further study. Although Princeton fired Harvey, facts of Albert Einstein won’t be complete without knowing that he kept Einstein’s brain more than forty years, chopping it into pieces and storing it in two mason jars. He occasionally sent pieces of the brain to specialists around the country, some of whom discovered unique attributes to the brain. In one test, the tissue appeared denser than in normal brains and the inferior parietal lobe was larger. Finally, in 1998, Harvey returned the brain to Princeton University saying, “Eventually you get tired of the responsibility of having it.”

facts of Albert Einstein



Einstein died in his sleep at Princeton Hospital on April 18, 1955. He suffered a ruptured aneurysm and refused surgical treatment. He explained, “I want to go when I want. It is tasteless to prolong life artificially. I have done my share, it is time to go. I will do it elegantly.” Before dying, Einstein said a few words to the nurse, but he spoke in German and the nurse did not understand.


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facts of Switzerland | The Land of Beautiful Nature http://whatsthefacts.com/facts-of-switzerland-the-land-of-beautiful-nature/ http://whatsthefacts.com/facts-of-switzerland-the-land-of-beautiful-nature/#comments Tue, 27 Mar 2018 08:53:06 +0000 http://whatsthefacts.com/?p=1119 Switzerland officially the Swiss Confederation, is a federal republic in Europe. It consists of 26 cantons not states, and the city

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Switzerland officially the Swiss Confederation, is a federal republic in Europe. It consists of 26 cantons not states, and the city of Bern is the seat of the federal authorities. The country is situated in Western-Central Europe and is bordered to the south by Italy, France to the west, Germany to the north, and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east. Switzerland is a landlocked country geographically divided between the Alps. Switzerland is a mountainous country, home to numerous lakes, villages and the high peaks of the Alps. The country is also known for its ski resorts and hiking trails. Banking and finance are key industries, and Swiss watches and chocolate are world renowned. Here are some fun facts about Switzerland you will definitely find interesting.


Coming up top on the facts of Switzerland is the amazing swizz. Switzerland’s climate is not all about snowy mountains – cold, snowy winters were historically the norm but freezing temperatures and large snowfalls are less the cases today, especially in lowland areas. Many Swiss ski resorts would struggle to survive without artificial snow. During hot summers, temperatures have been known to exceed 30–35°C in some areas. The Alps acts as a climate barrier: northern Switzerland tends to get colder from Atlantic winds, while southern Switzerland has a milder climate influenced by Mediterranean winds.


The population of Switzerland in 2005 was estimated by the United Nations (UN) at 7,446,000, which placed it at number 95 in population among the 193 nations of the world. In 2005, approximately 16% of the population was over 65 years of age, with another 16% of the population under 15 years of age. There were 94 males for every 100 females in the country.


The four ethnolinguistic groups (Germanic, French, Italian, and Rhaeto-Romansch) that make up the native Swiss population have retained their specific characteristics. Originally, the country was inhabited by Celtic tribes in the west and south and by Rhaetians in the east. With the collapse of Roman rule, Germanic tribes poured in, among them the Alemanni and Burgundians. The Alemanni ultimately became the dominant group, and the present Alemannic vernacular (Schwyzertütsch, or Schweizerdeutsch) is spoken by nearly two-thirds of the total population as their principal language. About 65% of the population is German, 18% is French, 10% is Italian, 1% is Romansch, and 6% are of various other groups.


Switzerland is a multilingual state with four national languages—German, French, Italian, and Rhaeto-Romansch. As a part of facts of Switzerland About 63.7% of the resident population speaks German as their principal language, predominantly in northern, central, and western Switzerland; 19.2% speak French, mainly in the west and southwest; 7.6% Italian, primarily in the southern region closest to Italy; and 0.6% Rhaeto-Romansch, used widely only in the southeastern canton of Graubünden (Grisons). The remaining 8.9% speak various other languages. There are numerous local dialects.

 facts of Switzerland


Not including the history of the country to the facts of Switzerland will make it not complete as The Helvetii, a Celtic tribe conquered by Julius Caesar in 58 bc, were the first inhabitants of Switzerland (Helvetia) known by name. A Roman province for 200 years, Switzerland was a prosperous land with large cities (Avenches was the capital) and a flourishing trade. In ad 250, however, Switzerland was occupied by the Alemanni, a Germanic tribe, and in 433 by the Burgundians. The Franks, who defeated the Alemanni in 496 and the Burgundians about 534, incorporated the country into the Frankish Empire. Under Frankish rule, new cities were founded; others, such as Zürich and Lausanne, were rebuilt; and Christianity was introduced.


Zürich, the largest city, is the commercial, financial, and industrial center of Switzerland. Basel is the second most important commercial city, followed by Geneva and Lausanne. Most Swiss wholesale firms are importers as well, specializing in one commodity or a group of related commodities. These cities make up the great trade fairs of this great country.


In our list of facts of Switzerland we have it that in 2000, the country had two major banks, 24 cantonal banks, and numerous foreign-owned banks, savings banks, and other banks and finance companies. There were a total of 375 banks in the country in that year. The bank balance-sheet total per capita in Switzerland is higher than that of any other nation in the world. Total assets of the Swiss banking system amounted to $1.3 trillion at the end of 2000, while total securities deposits were $3.4 trillion. Moreover, registered banks and bank-like finance companies numbered 494 in 1995, offering the Swiss, on average, the greatest access to banking services of all the world’s nations.


The library of Basel University (3 million volumes) and the Swiss National Library in Bern (3.6 million volumes) are the largest in Switzerland. The University of Geneva has 1.8 million volumes; the University of Lausanne has about 1.7 million; and the University of Fribourg has two million. Switzerland has an extensive public library system with about 2,344 service points holding over 28 million volumes in total. The Library and Archives of the United Nations is located in Geneva, as is the library of the International Labor Organization (over 580,000 items).


Switzerland has long been one of the most famous tourist areas in the world, and Swiss hospitality and the Swiss hotel industry are justly renowned. Scenic attractions are manifold, and in the Swiss Alps and on the shores of the Swiss lakes there are features of interest for the skier, the swimmer, the hiker, the mountain climber, and the high alpinist. It’s a part of facts of Switzerland that there are approximately 50,000 km (31,000 mi) of marked footpaths and 500 ski lifts. The hotels are among the best in the world; Switzerland pioneered in modern hotel management and in specialized training for hotel personnel. Central Switzerland and the Geneva region attract the largest number of foreign tourists. Passports and visas are required of all visitors except citizens of the Americas, Europe, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand who do not need visas for stays of up to 90 days.

facts of Switzerland

The Swiss eat more chocolate than any other nation in the world

Our list of facts of Switzerland can’t be complete if we leave out this wonderful aspect that the Swiss eat a record of around 11kg per year. Chocolate is a major Swiss export, with 18 Swiss chocolate companies, Switzerland exported almost 115,500 tonnes of chocolate in 2015. They have also invented techniques like conching and tempering to perfect the art of chocolate making. Swiss chocolate makers Daniel Peter and Henri Nestlé invented milk chocolate in 1875. Swiss chocolatier DeLafée has actually developed gold chocolate. They blended 24-karat gold dust into cocoa butter to create edible chocolate gold. Switzerland is internationally known for its high-quality chocolate. Residents help that number by eating approximately 10kg of chocolate annually

Swiss drink their own wine

Only about 2% of Switzerland’s wine leaves the country. The Swiss produce about 200 million liters of wine per year and consume almost all of it themselves. Since it never goes too far, you can always count on a good homegrown drink and good company. In 2015, the average Swiss drank 56.5 liters of beer and 36 liters of wine.


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Beautiful women country | survey of 2018-19 http://whatsthefacts.com/beautiful-women-country-survey-of-2018-19/ http://whatsthefacts.com/beautiful-women-country-survey-of-2018-19/#comments Mon, 26 Mar 2018 06:03:48 +0000 http://whatsthefacts.com/?p=1084 Being beautiful has been described as one of the greatest achievement for the human race not just beautiful on the

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Being beautiful has been described as one of the greatest achievement for the human race not just beautiful on the outside but also inside. Our list today features a lot of countries with amazingly beautiful damsels who has touched and melted the heart of people around the world. Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder .the countries on this list beholds a bunch of dazzling beautiful women. Enjoy as you read on our country list and the beautiful women there.



beautiful women country

Beautiful women country

This huge country of Eastern Europe is known for its Orthodox churches, Black Sea coastline and lush green mountains dotted with trees. The country is also known for being home to some of the boldest and prettiest women in the world. Ukrainian ladies are the perfect combination of sensuousness and cuteness. Ukraine is ranked as a beautiful women country not just because the country has produced some of the prettiest women in the world but also some of the brilliant ones too.


Beautiful women country

Beautiful women country

The world’s largest nation, Russia is an enchanting place known for its stunning landscape ranging from tundra forests to subtropical beaches. Just like the country, Russian beauty and women are also famous for their beauty in the entire world and one can’t resist their elegance. From cute tennis players to gymnasts and from models to screen actors, amazingly gorgeous Russian women leave everyone speechless and charm people with their fascinating blue eyes and flawless features. Their accents mixed with their national love for vodka is a match that very few people can truly resist. Not to say much Maria Sharapova stands out in making Russia a beautiful women country.

3.Saudi Arabia

Beautiful women country

Beautiful women country

It’s totally irresistible to say that the Arab women are really a treat for your eyes to watch. Even if we look at the entertainment and fashion industry of the world, beyond Arab countries, we can find that many Arab women are successfully ruling in their professions. Mostly the Lebanese women are doing great and entertainment and fashion industry. There are big names in Hollywood who belong to Arab descent of different origins and are very successful. The Arab world is full of these glittering alluring treasures. The perfect combination of finesse and glamour perfectly describes Arab women. It’s no wonder we have Saudi Arabia on our list of beautiful women country.


Beautiful women country

Beautiful women country

Turkey always grabs top position whenever you talk about the beautiful women country. Enjoying strong association with various historical cultures and ancient empires, the country has produced some really photogenic ladies with immaculate natural beauty. Women in Turkey are also known for carrying themselves with utter grace and grandeur. Evident in the soap operas and videos of the Turkish beautiful women are flooded everywhere.


Beautiful women country

Beautiful women country

Everything about America is simply amazing so is American women. They are joyful, independent and carry themselves with an incredible grace. On the streets of different American cities, you can encounter many beautiful women completely aware of the social advancements and technological developments. Their knowledge beautifully combines with their alluring personalities and makes them one of the most beautiful in the world. This country has the most powerful, beautiful and stylish women on earth ranging from politics to movies and adverts there is no pushing USA away from a magnificent spot in the beautiful women country list


Beautiful women country

Beautiful women country

The United Kingdom has everything that you expect from a country. British women are also mixed of varied cultures that make them of different skin tones and appearance. These British ladies are sophisticated, educated, and gorgeous, including their politicians, players, and actors. British women of today are a mix of different cultures which is why they come in various skin tones and looks. In addition, they are educated, eloquent and well mannered. They’re also super confident, and to top it all- beautiful. They’re charismatic, eloquent and also have some lovely cheekbones. They’re also super confident. More like the queen every British woman is also a queen in her own world that’s why the UK has a place in the list of beautiful women country.


Beautiful women country

Beautiful women country

Australia is a country which is famous for a number of places, be it the tourist attraction, educated or talented people, good quality of education, etc.  Australia is also very famous and popular for its people, especially the women. The Australian women apart from being educated and intellectual are beautiful and graceful at the very same time. A number of charming and captivating actresses of Australia have earned big names. Nicole Kidman always flies the flag of Australia as a beautiful women country.


Beautiful women country

Beautiful women country

Canadian women are fun, independent and they know how to take care of themselves. They have their own kind of effortless attractiveness. Out on the streets, you will see many beautiful women who know how to care for themselves because of the advancements in science and technology. If you like, have a look at top ten most attractive Canadian women. They all are sporty and fun-loving. Canadian women are some of the nicest people in the world. They have their own kind of beauty. Also, they’re super chill and easy to hang with. A date with Avril Lavigne won’t be a bad idea because she carries the Canadian beauty. Canada is undoubtedly a beautiful women country.


Beautiful women country

Beautiful women country

Their breathtaking beauty, impeccable sense of style, and the fierce sense of confidence have taken the whole world by storm, especially due to the booming global popularity of Pakistani television and cinema. Pakistani women have firmly established their foothold on the international level and everyone is sitting up and taking notice. Pakistan is famous for the very beautiful actresses in the Bollywood scenes so making Pakistan a magical beautiful women county.


Beautiful women country

Beautiful women country

Indian women have great physical features such as black hairs, perfectly arched eyebrows, and broad eyes, which makes them some of the most attractive females in the world. Their lifestyle is a perfect blend of modern and traditional. Indian women are extremely caring, highly domestic and tend to sacrifice more often for their family, which makes them some of the most desirable women in the world. India is home to some of the most unpredictable, earthy and charming women in the world. We all know just how amazing Indian women can be. Indian girls are one of the most pretty in the world they follow their traditions and look in their traditional dresses very cute. They are gentle and lively people always greeting with a huge smile on their faces. One time miss world Aishwarya Rai and beauty queen Priyanka Chopra both flies the flag of India as a beautiful women country.

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Iceland Facts | The facts of Iceland http://whatsthefacts.com/iceland-facts-facts-iceland/ Sun, 11 Mar 2018 17:31:33 +0000 http://whatsthefacts.com/?p=1066 Iceland is a Nordic island nation, defined by its dramatic landscape with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields. Massive

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Iceland is a Nordic island nation, defined by its dramatic landscape with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields. Massive glaciers are protected in Vatnajökull and Snæfellsjökull national parks. Most of the population lives in the capital, Reykjavik, which runs on geothermal power and is home to the National and Saga museums, tracing Iceland’s Viking history. Our article today looks deep into the wonderful country follow on as we take you into some of the most interesting Iceland facts.

  • First Parliament

Iceland is home to the very first parliament grounds in Europe. In the year 930 AD, the first Parliament met in Iceland in what is today Þingvellir National Park. The site has since been dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its cultural, historical, and geographical significance.

  • Tectonic Plates

Another wonderful part of the Iceland facts today is the “geographical significance” part of Þingvellir being dubbed a UNESCO site due to the fact that this is one of only two places in the entire world where you can see two of the earth’s tectonic plates meeting above the earth’s surface (the other is in Africa). The North American and Eurasian plates jut up out of the ground here in Þingvellir, moving apart roughly 2 cm per year. You can even go diving/snorkeling between the plates in nearby Þingvallavatn Lake.

Iceland Facts

  • No Forests

Iceland was formed by some pretty harsh phenomena: volcanoes and glaciers. Much of the country was carved out by slow-moving glaciers, eating up the land and gouging deep valleys into it. But, contrary to belief, trees actually grow in Iceland. However, when the Vikings arrived, they carried a lot of deforestation, cutting down almost all the native trees in the country. Today, reforestation is being attempted, but you’ll still definitely notice the lack of forests when you visit.

  • Viking ancestors

One of the most impressive Iceland facts still remains that Iceland was settled by Vikings from Norway sometime in the 800s. This fact makes Iceland a fairly “young” country when it comes to settlement, and also contributes to its distinct cultural background. The Icelandic horses in the country today are unique in the fact that they are direct descendants of the horses the Vikings first brought over from mainland Europe.

  • Eco-Friendly

Making the list of the most impressive Iceland facts is that Iceland is perhaps the most eco-friendly country known to man. And the best aspect is, they don’t even have to try very hard. Because the whole country is essentially brought to life with volcanic activity, the nation harnesses hydro and geothermal energy to power more than 80% of the country. Very few fossil fuels are burned here (there are even some hydrogen buses driving around Reykjavik!), and most homes are heated using geothermal water that’s pumped up from beneath cities and towns.

  • Volcanoes

Based on location at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Iceland is an incredibly active country geologically. There are more than 125 volcanic mountains in the country can you just believe that, a handful of which are still very active, and another handful that could easily awaken and become active as the country changes and grows. Iceland experiences a volcanic eruption roughly once every 4 years, though the past few years have seen one eruption or more each year. Because of this constant activity, a good portion of Iceland is covered in lava fields.

Iceland Facts

  • Preserved Language

While very close to Danish and Norwegian, the Icelandic language remains totally unique. Words with far too many consonants abound, and syllables seem to just blur together. Unlike other languages that have changed drastically over the centuries, the Icelandic language remains very close to its original roots. One of the true Iceland facts is that a Bible from the early 1500s (the first one printed in Icelandic, which can be found in a folk museum in Skógar) can still easily be read by Icelanders today.

  • Elves and Trolls

The majority of present-day Icelanders about 45% of them believe in the existence of fantastical beings such as elves and trolls. There are many amusing stories and legends about these creatures and Icelanders go so far as to postpone construction projects if it’s believed that something is going to be built where elves currently live. Large fallen rocks in fields are said to be frozen trolls, bulging out as one of Iceland facts is that the smell present in Iceland isn’t from sulphur at all — it’s the smell of the trolls’ dirty bathwater unbelievable, isn’t it.

  • Weird Foods

Iceland makes up for its lack of fast food with its bevy of downright weird traditional foods. Along with things like the whale, puffin, and dried fish, visitors can also try fermented shark, sheep’s head, and even pickled ram’s testicles. The even weirder part is that some of these dishes can be found in just about the most restaurant in Iceland. The most popular food in Iceland is Hotdogs.

  • Small Population

The entire country of Iceland (which covers roughly the same area as the U.S. state of Kentucky) only holds a population of a little over 300,000 (as opposed to Kentucky, which has a population of more than 4.3 million). This small population makes for a largely rural country and a capital city which feels like a really big small town.


  • Mosquito free

Believe it or not but it’s one of the amazing Iceland facts that is Iceland is one of the few habitable places on the planet that is mosquito-free, and nobody really seems to know why. It’s not nearly as cold as Antarctica, which is so frigid that mosquitoes (and people, for that matter) could never survive exposure to the elements there for long. Nor does Iceland lack the ponds and lakes where mosquitoes love to breed. And the insects are able to thrive in Iceland’s neighbors — Norway, Denmark, Scotland, even Greenland — which only adds to the mystery. The most likely theory proffered so far, scientists say, is that Iceland’s oceanic climate keeps them at bay. When mosquitoes lay eggs in cold weather, the larvae emerge with a thaw, allowing them to breed and multiply. Iceland, however, typically has three major freezes and thaws a year, creating conditions that may be too unstable for the insect’s survival. Others have suggested that there may be something about the chemical composition of Iceland’s soil and water that mosquitoes can’t tolerate.

  • Northern Lights and Midnight Sun

Located close to the Arctic Circle, Iceland experiences long winter nights and long summer days, with almost 24 hours of darkness/twilight in December and nearly 24 hours of daylight in June. Because of this, Iceland is a great place to see both the Northern Lights and experience the Midnight Sun. Though, both of these can be made difficult to see thanks to Iceland’s ever-changing weather.


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Canada Facts | interesting facts of this country http://whatsthefacts.com/canada-facts-interesting-facts-country/ Tue, 06 Mar 2018 11:16:47 +0000 http://whatsthefacts.com/?p=1043 Canada is a country located in the northern part of North America. Its ten provinces and three territories extend from

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Canada is a country located in the northern part of North America. Its ten provinces and three territories extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean, covering 9.98 million square kilometers (3.85 million square miles), making it the world’s second-largest country by total area. Canada is sparsely populated, the majority of its land territory being dominated by forest and tundra and the Rocky Mountains. It is highly urbanized with 82 percent of the 35.15 million people concentrated in large and medium-sized cities, many near the southern border. Its capital is Ottawa, and its three largest metropolitan areas are Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Canada’s climate varies widely across its vast area, ranging from the arctic weather in the north to hot summers in the southern regions, with four distinct seasons. In this article, we will look at the most impressive Canada facts.

Canada Facts

  • Canada has more oil than anyone ever thought

Canada has an estimated 176.8 billion recoverable barrels of crude bitumen – a semi-solid source of petroleum – which is available in abundance in Canada’s oil sands. There are an estimated 249.67 billion accessible barrels of the black stuff in the world and Canada has about 70.8 percent of it – four times more than Kazakhstan and six times more than Russia.

  • Canada has the only walled city in North America

Quebec City has a special feature that makes it unique in Canada and also in the USA making it one of the awesome Canada facts is that the city has walls. Quebec City is the only city north of Mexico that still has fortified walls – known as the Fortifications of Quebec. First the French and later the English built up Quebec City’s fortifications between the 17th and the 19th centuries. Quebec’s entire historic district, including the ramparts, has since been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Canada Facts

  • Canada has 10 percent of the world’s forests

Most people know that trees exist but did you know that Canada actually has 30 percent of the world’s boreal forest and 10 percent of the world’s total forest cover. An incredible 396.9 million hectares of forest and other wooded lands can be found across the country – about 68 percent of Canada’s forests are coniferous. On this list of Canada facts, it’s undoubted that Most of Canada’s forest land is publicly owned.

  • Canada has the world’s longest coastline

About Four and a half years is what it will take a person to walk the full length of Canada’s coastline without stopping for food or drink that shows the expanse of the coastline. Canada has the world’s longest coastline, bordered on three sides by three different oceans: the Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific. Putting that in perspective, Canada has 202,080 of the world’s total 356,000 kilometers of oceanfront property. Making one of Canada facts is that the only other country that even comes close is Indonesia, which has 54,716 km of coastline.

  • Alert, Nunavut is the world’s northernmost settlement

At the northern tip of Ellesmere Island, just 817 kilometers from the North Pole, you’ll find the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world: Alert, Nunavut. Alert is the temporary home to military and scientific personnel working in the area. The temporary home part will make sense once you see how cold this place gets: the warmest month, July, has a balmy average temperature of 3.4 C (38.1 F). By January, the coldest month, the mean temperature has plunged to -32.19 C (-26 F). No wonder the name Alert.

Canada Facts

  • Canada is bigger than the European Union

One very amazing part of Canada facts is the vastness of this great country which seems to be a little-known secret to most. this is some Canada facts to put Canada’s size in perspective: It’s bigger than the entire European Union (33 times bigger than Italy and 15 times bigger than France), more than 30 percent larger than Australia, five times as big as Mexico, three times as big as India and about the same size as 81,975 Walt Disney Worlds put together.

  • Canada has more lakes than you think

Canada has a lot of great things in abundance, like hockey players, parkas and Tim Hortons franchises. But did you know that this country has more lake area than every other country in the world. The Great White North has 563 lakes larger than 100 square kilometers. The Great Lakes alone contain about 18 percent of the world’s fresh lake water. That’s a lot of water body.

  • Canada’s lowest recorded temperature is as cold as Mars

One of the most common facts about Canada is that it can get pretty cold in the winter (anybody who’s ever had to chisel his or her car out of a block of ice on the way to work knows this). The average low for the month of January in Ottawa is -14.4 C (6.1 F). That’s pretty cold! However, a temperature recorded in 1947 in Snag, Yukon makes the rest of Canada’s winter weather seem like a relaxing beach vacation. A temperature of -63 C (-81.4 F) was recorded in the small village of Snag on Feb. 3, 1947. That’s roughly the same temperature as the surface of Mars!

  • Canada’s national parks are bigger than most countries

Canada is so big that even parks are bigger than countries. looking at Nahanni National Park Reserve in the Northwest Territories: not only is it a sight to behold with massive waterfalls, it’s also an incredible 30,050 square kilometers – bigger than Albania and Israel. Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta and the Northwest Territories is even bigger at 44,807 square kilometers, which makes it bigger than Denmark and Switzerland.

  • Canada has North America’s strongest current

Last but not least on our list of Canada facts is the strong current of the waterways. Get out your lifejacket and be ready for the swim of your life if you ever visit Seymour Narrows in British Columbia. The stretch of the Discovery Passage has some of the strongest tidal currents ever measured with flood speeds of 17 km/h and ebb speeds of 18 km/h.


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Facts of Dubai | who makes her more attractive http://whatsthefacts.com/dubai-facts/ Tue, 27 Feb 2018 01:03:24 +0000 http://whatsthefacts.com/?p=1015 Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).It is located on the southeast coast

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Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).It is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf and is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai, one of the seven emirates that make up the country. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the only two emirates to have veto power over critical matters of national importance in the country’s Federal Supreme Council. Dubai emerged as a global city and business hub of the Middle East. It is also a major transport hub for passengers and cargo. In this article, we will reveal the facts of Dubai

Low crime rate

The crime rate in Dubai is so relatively low. Virtually it is 0%. That is why this city is considered one of the safest cities on earth to live in and also to go on a visitation. The law is so strict in this city. On the other hand, among many strong facts of Dubai is that the people of this mega city take caution and thus are high in morality as everyone is almost very well behaved.

There are so many opportunities to become rich and wealthy in Dubai. The residents of this mega city are not supposed to pay their personal income tax. One of the many facts of Dubai is that the income tax is totally 0%. For this reason, a resident can earn a lot of money and save it.

Constant constructions

Dubai is becoming a highly developed city day by day. Many of the world’s largest and biggest buildings and hotels are in this mega city and even the number is increasing gradually. Making it one wonderful fact of Dubai that 20% of the world’s total cranes are now operating in the city in various constructions.

Tall high rise buildings

facts of dubai

Some of the world’s tallest and biggest structures are situated here. Biggest mall, tallest hotel, second largest man-made marina, and the world’s largest aquarium are located in this city. For this reason, Dubai is so attractive to most of the tourists and millions of tourists come here every year.

Developed city

facts of dubai

It is one of the fastest growing cities in the whole world. There were just 13 cars in the city in 1968 but the picture has been changed so far. Making one of the major facts of Dubai the traffic is so bad and it became so congested because of development. In order to overcome this problem double Decker roads for transportation are introduced here.


Ski Dubai is a large indoor skiing facility at Mall of the Emirates, offering snowboarding, ski lessons, a children’s play area and a café. It opened in November 2005 and houses the world’s largest indoor snow park. It is operated by Majid Al Futtaim Leisure & Entertainment. Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort. The area of it is 22,500 square meters. On the other hand, there is a snow park and it is considered as the biggest indoor snow park with an area of 3,000 square meters.

Massive population

There are some amazing facts are seen in the population of Dubai. It is so wondering to think that half of the total population living in this city are Indians. On the other hand, 17 % of the total population are Emiratis. The rest of the population is composed of immigrants. Tourism is an important part of the Dubai government’s strategy to maintain the flow of foreign cash into the emirate. Dubai’s lure for tourists is based mainly on shopping, but also on its possession of other ancient and modern attractions. Amazingly a part of the facts of Dubai is that as of 2013, the city was the 7th most visited city of the world based on air traffic and the fastest growing, increasing by a 10.7% rate. This mega city hosted 14.9 million overnight visitors in 2016 and is expected to reach 20 million tourists by 2020.

World largest gold chain

Making the list of the facts of Dubai, The world’s largest gold chain is in this city. It was made during DSF- 1999. Total 22 kg of gold was used and the length of the chain was 4.2 km. The total chain was bought by 9600 people, in bracelet size and necklace wear pieces. Dubai Gold Souk or Gold Souk is a traditional market in Dubai, UAE. The souk is located in the commercial business district in Deira, in the locality of Al Dhagaya. The souk consists of over 300 retailers, most of whom are jewelry traders. According to estimates, approximately 10 tons of gold is present at any given time in the souk It is bordered to the north by the Fish and Vegetable Market and the Deira Corniche near Baniyas Square at Sikkat al-Khali Street which is in close proximity to the Deira Bus Stand. The Gold Souk is 5 minutes walk from the Old Souk marine station.

City of skyscrapers

facts of dubai

Some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers are here. The Burj Khalifa of Dubai is considered as world’s tallest man-made structure. The height of it is 2,717 feet.  Burj Khalifa is also edifices the highest mosque, the highest restaurant, highest outdoor observation and highest nightclub. All these things are in the Burj Khalifa tower. Burj Khalifa was known as the Burj Dubai before its inauguration is an 828 meters (2,717 ft) high skyscraper in Dubai, and the tallest building in the world. The facts of Dubai have it that The tower was inspired by the structure of the desert flower Hymenocallis. It was constructed by more than 30 contracting companies around the world with 100 nationalities of workers. It is a building icon. The building opened in 2010.


facts of dubai

There are many luxurious 5-star and 7-star hotels are in the city. The Burj Al Arab is the fourth tallest hotel. It is almost 280 feet tall from Jumeirah beach. The Burj Al Arab, a luxury hotel, is frequently described as “the world’s only 7-star”, though its management has said it has never made that claim. A Jumeirah Group spokesperson is quoted as saying: “There’s not a lot we can do to stop it. We’re not encouraging the use of the term. We’ve never used it in our advertising.”The hotel opened in December 1999. Al Mahara, a famous restaurant, featured with a massive seawater aquarium. There is a simulated submarine voyage in the entrance of the restaurant. The height of the lobby of this restaurant is even more that Statue of Liberty.


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Bitcoin Value | The facts of Bitcoin http://whatsthefacts.com/bitcoin-value-facts-bitcoin/ http://whatsthefacts.com/bitcoin-value-facts-bitcoin/#comments Sat, 24 Feb 2018 10:57:39 +0000 http://whatsthefacts.com/?p=951 The bitcoin can be known as internet money or digital currency, it is also a virtual money that is mined

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The bitcoin can be known as internet money or digital currency, it is also a virtual money that is mined by computer software, these mining computers require a large amount of energy to run through their programming. This bitcoin value will really impress you, a recent estimate that was made by tech news site which analyses the energy cost of a single transaction of bitcoin at 215 kilowatt-hours, for instance, if 300,000 transactions of bitcoin were made in a day. That will just be almost enough energy as the average American household used up in a whole week.

    • Bitcoin has been in existence and popular over the last eight years, and it is still the leading cryptocurrency. It was created in 2009 by a person named Satoshi Nakamoto, who we can say he is a mysterious individual or a whose true identity is still unknown until today. No one knows who he is, what his real name is or where he lives. A bitcoin value that was sourced is that Satoshi holds 1 million Bitcoins which is equivalent to $1.1 billion.
    • According to a December 2013 research paper done by the University of San Diego and George Mason University, 64 percent of the 12 million bitcoin that had by then been mined had never been spent. A bitcoin developer Sergio Lerner estimates that almost 1 million unspent bitcoins belong to the cryptocurrency’s mysterious inventor.


  • First interesting bitcoin facts is that on May 22nd is usually celebrated as the Bitcoin Pizza Day, this was due to when it was initially mined, they were lower in bitcoin value and it cost cents to buy just a BTC, and it was until someone bought something with bitcoin on May 22, 2010. So surprisingly, this purchase was a big deal because no retailer was accepting bitcoins at that time particular time in exchange for goods and services,  so 10,000 BTC was exchanged with two Papa John’s Pizzas by Laszlo Hanyecz, and this was the first official purchase of goods using bitcoins which were documented, the worth of 10,000 BTC was 41 dollars as at that time and as at now, 10,000 bitcoins is worth more than 25.8 million dollars.

Bitcoin Value

  • There is constant talk about banning bitcoin due to its nature and because it works outside the law and order of the normal traditional banking system. They try as much as they could, but it can’t be thrown away into the trash just because they feel it threatens the financial power structure.  However, this cryptocurrency is designed in such a way that it can’t be banned, but can only be regulated, you can engage in bitcoin as long as there are a bitcoin wallet and an internet connection.


  • Many countries like Bangladesh, Bolivia, Thailand, and Vietnam to mention but a few have tried to ban it because they don’t know the bitcoin value. But there are also some countries like Australia, Russia, Japan, and Venezuela that have made Bitcoin an official legal tender and they are regulating it. It also applies to some countries like USA and India who are not clear of their official policy regarding these cryptocurrencies. Numerous cryptocurrencies have come after Bitcoin was invented and they have also disappeared into thin air.

  • It was discovered that Satoshi Nakamoto was the inventor of bitcoin, Satoshi first proposed bitcoin as a means of payment that is based on mathematics. This Crypto is not dependent on governmental authorities unlike central banks that control the money supply and the production of currency in the global market and this has made bitcoin to be a global means of exchange in several ways.  Transfers are made at once through the computer with low transaction fees. Another bitcoin value is that it does not follow the normal traditional banking system but rather it flows from one computer blockchain wallet to another.These facts made us know that it cannot be held, felt or kept in a pocket or wallet like currency, it is purely a computer/internet based means of exchange and you can’t touch it physically.


  • There are also some available apps like blockchain which you can use to transfer bitcoin from a wallet to another, these apps can also be used to track ownership and allow immediate and efficient transfers of Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency has several properties that allow it to stand out from other traditional currencies.

bitcoin value

  • Another bitcoin value which let us know that the numbers of bitcoin are not controlled by Central banks or other monetary authorities, it is said that bitcoin is decentralized which is making it global. Any person who has a PC or computer can set up and own a bitcoin address to transfer or receive bitcoins in seconds. It can also keep the user anonymous, having a bitcoin address do not require personal information and the cryptocurrency allows users to maintain multiple accounts. Once the transfer of bitcoin is made, it is final and cannot be refunded unless the other person intentionally repays you back.

  • One other fact you should know is that the maximum amount of bitcoin value that can be mined will be 21 million, which is a number that bitcoin is expected to be reached by the year 2140.


  • Another important thing which we thought you need to know is that when you Lose your wallet, it means your bitcoins are lost forever without trace, and this is why total care of the security of your bitcoin must be taken, guard your wallet jealously and as well as operate with only trusted vendors, so this means whoever knows the bitcoin value will guard it jealously. Bitcoin is not the only Cryptocurrency we have in the world today, we are now having over 1,000 rivals, according to Coinmarketcap.This is an indicator that Bitcoin is here to stay relevant forever.


  • Another bitcoin value that you all need to check out is that a little bit out of the 16.7 bitcoins that have been mined are actually in circulation, because of some people who have forgotten their passwords, accidental losses, hoarding, owners forgetting about coins or even death, and through this it is impossible  for you to be certain about how many bitcoins have been permanently lost, because those that have are still in the system are in dormant addresses.


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Lamborghini| The untold Facts about her http://whatsthefacts.com/lamborghini-untold-facts/ Fri, 23 Feb 2018 12:21:42 +0000 http://whatsthefacts.com/?p=803 For the love of cars, fast cars and super fast cars with sleek and wonderful designs, we take you on

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For the love of cars, fast cars and super fast cars with sleek and wonderful designs, we take you on a journey into the world of luxury and style, into the world of Lamborghini. In this article, we will let you know the facts about Lamborghini the Italian car brand that has made it so special and so luxurious. An Italian manufacturing magnate, founded Automobili by Ferruccio Lamborghini S.p.A. in 1963 to compete with established marques, including Ferrari. The company gained wide acclaim in 1966 for the Miura sports coupé, which established rear mid-engine, rear wheel drive as the standard layout for high-performance cars of the era. This car brand grew rapidly during its first decade, but sales plunged in the wake of 1973 worldwide coupled with financial downturn and the oil crisis. The firm’s ownership changed three times since 1973, including a bankruptcy in 1978.

1. Another Lamborghini facts you should know is that the American Chrysler Corporation took control of this company in 1987 and sold it to Malaysian investment group Mycom Setdco and Indonesian group V’Power Corporation in 1994. In 1998, Mycom Setdco and V’Power sold Lamborghini to the Volkswagen Group where it was placed under the control of the group’s Audi division. So with that introduction out of the way let’s get down to it top 10 Lamborghini facts.

2.The only place in the world where this car brand will not be a rare sight is Sant’Agata Bolognese, a small administrative division 32 km from Bologna. This place is home to the Italian sports car maker. Since the company was founded in 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini. It was sold to Audi AG in 1998.

3. The company produced a record 2,430 vehicles in 2008. Of this, nearly 1,800 were the best-selling car, the Gallardo, and just over 630 of them were the flagship model, the Murcielago.This could be why it’s featured on the top 10 Lamborghini facts. The Murcielago can go from 0 to 100 kmph in 3.4 seconds. It has a top speed of 340 kmph.The fastest Lamborghini is the Le Mans version of the Murcielago R-GT model has been reported to have a top speed of 370 km/h. The fastest street model from this brand is the Murcielago LP640 with an estimated top speed of 340 km/h. Both of the models have a V12 engine with more than 6000 cc what a wonder to behold.

lamborghini facts


4. Another facts that come from way back During WWII, this company was isolated on the island of Rhodes with the Navy. During that time he quickly earned the reputation of being a master mechanic and prolific tinkerer. He could make weaponry and machines work from any old spare parts. Similar to the time Tony Stark built a nuclear reactor in a cave.

5. Ferruccio Lamborghini was a fan of the Spanish bullfight. In 1963, he visited the cattle-bred farm Miura in Seville. It was owned by Don Eduardo Miura Fernandez, one of the most famous breeders of fighting bulls in Spain. His visit had a strong influence. In fact, he was so impressed by the traditional art of bullfighting, that he made a decision to name all his new sports cars after famous fighting bulls which takes us into another Lamborghini facts. Traditionally in Spanish bullfight, bulls that manage to defeat a matador are given life, and their names are forever inscribed in the history of the sport. Ferruccio was convinced, that a name of a fighting bull will emphasize the untamed nature of sports cars created under Lamborghini marque. Ferruccio was also a bull in a way since his zodiac sign was Taurus. (He was born on April 28, 1916).

6. This company brand provides two Gallardos to the Italian state police, which uses the cars for delivering organ transplants to patients. Interestingly, the special Lamborghini Facts is that these cars are also used by the police of the United Arab Emirates and these countries are known to have the fastest police cars in the world.

7.Lamborghini used to be an independent company, but today it is a subsidiary of the German company Audi AG. Audi AG became the owner of the company in 1998 and it went bankrupt in 1978 and was sold to Chrysler a long time before Audi AG became the sole owner of the company.Several of the newer models of this car brand features the familiar Lamborghini scissor doors that rotate up and forward on a hinge near the front of the door. The Countach, the Diablo, and the Murcielago all have scissor doors, but the Gallardo does not. Both the Countach and the Diablo are no longer being produced, so the Murcielago is the only current model with scissor doors and I guess you should know these Lamborghini facts too.

lamborghini facts

8. One of the most impressive facts ever is that No brand of this company has ever been produced with less than a V8 engine. Most of their models throughout the history of the company have come with the legendary Lamborghini V12 engine, but the newest model, Gallardo, only have a V10 engine. There are no models with a V8 engine since the production of the Silhouette stopped in 1989. People usually think of luxury and high-performance grand tourers, whenever someone mentions the name, Lamborghini. Nevertheless, the Italian automaker has created few unusual models. Ferruccio had an extensive experience in producing tractors, so it seemed natural for him to try his hand at designing an automobile with high off-road capabilities.

9. These are the  Lamborghini facts that the “Lamborghini LM002” was the first SUV, built by Italian vehicle manufacturer. Combining speed and luxuriousness with exceptional off-road capabilities, LM002 was in many respects far ahead of its time. When it comes to comfort and ability to cross the difficult terrain, only Land Rover could compete with LM002. Unfortunately, automobile market was not quite ready for the new luxury SUV. Therefore, despite the orders from armed forces of Saudi Arabia and Libya, Lamborghini sold only 301 vehicles.

10. This company is partly responsible for the emerging of the well-known automobile marque Pagani. The founder of the Pagani Automobili S.p.A, Horacio Pagani, had worked as an engineer at Lamborghini until he quit due to inability to employ his own ideas. In 1988, the famous Argentinian constructor, eager to put to use his design talent and make his own product, created a new company Pagani Automobili S.p.A. The Pagani company today is famous for its concept design of the Zonda F and huayra.

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