Iniesta| Andrés Iniesta skills secret

 Iniesta| Andrés Iniesta skills secret


Football is called the beautiful game, and most would agree that the Messi’s, Maradona’s, Ronaldo’s do thrill the server and the crowds it is the silent connoisseurs  who often, take home the show, one of the most unassuming, easygoing footballers around, the Spain number 6 is one of the jewels, in the crown of football.

One of the most decorated players in the history of the game, this famous  La Masia graduate and winner of 33 trophies combined at club and national level including 5 FIFA tournaments, the La Liga multiple times(twice as part of the treble in 2009 And 2015) since becoming a first team regular for the Catalans in 2004-05, has held fans in his complete thrall.


So what makes him so successful, one of the major reasons is his la Masia coaching and the now famous ‘tiki: taka’ and his excellent command at it. As understudy to the famous Xavi at both club and national level, Iniesta’s strengths lie in not slaloming through defenders with nutmegs and tricks(of course he can do that too), but in scanning the field, looking at runs, churning the ball around till the right moment and at the right moment releasing the attacker in on goal, or even drawing out the opponents ‘ with the famous possession game of his Catalan and national team.


The diminutive playmaker is the proverbial complete midfielder, he has vision(notice his squirrelly eyes darting around when the ball is with him or a  pass or two away ), he has pace, along with bags of stamina, composure (rewind to the 2010 world cup final, and at the club level when his extra time goal in 2009 knocked out Chelsea from the semifinals of the Champions League ), yes he been blessed to play alongside players of the calibre and skills of Messi,Eto, Henry, Ibrahinovic, Suarez And neymar, but they too have only benefited from the quarista’s vision and precise passing. As Sir Alex acknowledged before 2009 final, Iniesta was the biggest threat Barca had, ‘the way he made them tick’ in the veteran’s words.


Iniesta’s game is so simple that it’s simply beautiful, he knows, where he is and where his teammates are on the pitch before he receives the ball, he looks for players around him to create a move. With his well-practiced right or left foot(usually right) knocks the ball into the feet of a remote or often into space for the attackers to feed on.

Like his game, Iniesta cannot be seen as a single player, his skills are those whose beauty has to be analyzed in the form of a collective. And by that regard, playing in a decorated midfield, with the earlier the likes of deco he today makes out of the youngsters from La Masia, proper footballers, playing for them the guiding role Xavi played for him over his career.




The 2010 world cup winner and the scorer of the goal that gave La Roja the trophy likes and shines at the biggest stages he was great at the 2008 euros, with memorable goals assists and performances against teams like Russia, Greece Switzerland and of course the Italians

He was included in the team of the 2008 euros. Again he repeated his antics at the 2012 euros, the man of the match in the final against Italy. In 2015 too,  he was the man of the match in the Champions League final providing along with a complete performance, an assist for Ivan rakitic’s opening goal.


  • A great friend Andres removed his Jersey after scoring in the 2010 finals, revealing his message to Espanyol player and close friend Dani Jarque.


  • He is currently wed to his love, Anna Ortiz(a beautiful lady) and is the proud father of two girls


  • One of the three Barcelona players alongside legends like Maradona and Ronaldinho, to receive a standing ovation at the Santiago Bernebeau


  • Born in Albacete Iniesta attracted the attention of la Masia scouts aged 12, joining them soon after. Talent shows and later the Blaugrana coach, then the player, famously told a young Xavi that ‘you would retire me, this lad is going to retire us all. ‘




  • Winning trophies with last minute goals even at the youth level Iniesta has always had a cool head. The 2010 world cup final, 2008 and 2012 euros or 2006, 2009,2011 or 2015 Champions League. The guy always saved his best nights for the biggest of them.


  • The composure us pretty much inbuilt  I mean look at him on the ball, no matter how crowded a space he holds. He always seems to have time and 99 times out of 99 pick up the right pass.


  • A team man, Andres’s rise to the first team began in2004 with some substitute appearances, in 2006 he appeared as a half-time substitute in the Champions League final, and his willingness to work for the team saw him shunted around the field from winger to holding midfielder to the number 10 role. It is a testament to the adaptability of the man that it remains his highest scoring season to date.


  • He is much loved across Spain and Catalonia and in the 2011 season received multiple standing ovations for his winning goals and stellar world cup performances, even Real Madrid leaning Marca were among the tabloids which sang jis paens.


  • Married to the beautiful Anna Ortiz, Andres has performed the role of a good husband and father as the time he devotes to his children Valeria sienna and Paolo Andrea shows.


  • An open-hearted Andres has on two separate occasions bailed out his boyhood club by lending 420000 and 240000 euros of his own earnings as faced administration and wage problems.



Summing him up, Andres Iniesta Lujan is as perfect as can be. The family man and current Barcelona captain started out as a holding midfielder, but his ball control, vision, and skill saw him used as a winger, an inverted winger even as a false 9 at the youth levels. His passion hard work and skill earned him a debut at the age of 18. Frank Rijkaard (then Barcelona manager) used him as a winger central midfielder holding midfielder attacking midfielder and he shone everywhere, but the center of the pitch, with his darting eyes, agile mind and quick feet seem to be his area. Former Spanish team coach  del Bosque about him said ‘ he is the complete footballer he attacks and defends, can create and scores.’ But his skills and values can be understood by the words of former albie celeste and Barca playmaker Juan Roman Riquelme he said – he knows when to go forward when to hold back when to dribble when to pass, when to shoot, when to speed up, when to slow down the play. This understanding of the game can’t be taught, you can reach passing shooting running but understanding can’t be coached.