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Not famous by her middle name, Jennifer Joanna Aniston is one of the most easily recognizable celebrities’ around as her star on the Hollywood walk of fame shows.


Born in Sherman Oaks, California, to the Greek actor John Aniston (better known as Victor Kiriakis of Days of our lives fame)and hit American performer Nancy Dow(starring in The wild west,  and The Beverly Hillbillies ) Jennifer it seems has Drama in her blood, in addition of course to the beauty of her face. Jennifer Aniston face admired all over the world and her mixed Irish, Italian, English, Scottish and of course small amounts of Greek too, a secret behind her Greek goddess-like smile may also be the year she spent in Greece before moving to Pennsylvania with her family, including with her, of course along with John Melick her older maternal half-brother as also Alex Aniston her younger paternal half-brother.


Jennifer Aniston parents probably noticed her spark early and even after her parents had separated when she was nine, she was sent to the LaGuardia institute of arts, music and performing arts, where she instantly took to being the center of attention and joined the acting society. The same grit she showed in overcoming her parents ‘ divorce at a nubile age, she showed in overcoming her fear of water(due to a childhood incident) for the film ‘Cake’, literally making the skin, as they say, Bake.

Jennifer Aniston

The Golden Globe winner, most popular, and loved as Rachel, has been later, rightly recognized as one of the most influential characters on US Television. She certainly left a hell of an effect on me.


The former wife of Brad Pitt, whose husband (Brad )had been  Unfaithful with his Co-star Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Brad Pitt up to 2005, broke up with her husband, ending one of the power couples of Hollywood. Joanna(Jennifer ) is currently Wed to and enjoying life in Bel Air with Justin Theroux



She has lent her smiley presence to romantic comedies or romcoms like Rumour Has It… And Friends with Money her biggest on-screen success has been Bruce Almighty alongside Jim Carrey.


Jennifer Aniston started with small Broadway productions like Dear Life and Dancing on Checker’s Grave, along ends meet with part-time jobs as a waitress, telemarketer, even a bike messenger before appearing as a Spokesmodel for Nutrisystem before starting her American Dream with roles in some failed (Molloy ), some  horror(Leprechaun, Camp Cucamonga) movies while turning out for appearances in Quantum leap and Burke’s law.



In despair about her career with failed movies and shows, a gas station with meeting with Warren Littlefield (head if NBC studios), kept her going, a few months later he helped her land Friends, and the rest as a wise man once said, is history. Due time would see Rachel become a household name, with every young waitress seeing herself as Rachel and Jennifer Aniston win the Primetime Emmy, golden globe and screen actors guild award, her dalliances on and off the screen with her cast, A regular feature on the gossip feed.




Much admired for roles in Marley and me, along came Polly, and He’s Just Not That Into You, the star boasts of A place on Hollywood walk of fame.


Jennifer Aniston won the golden globe award for best actress, and according to the Guinness book of the world, records holds the record as her 1million$ for the last season of Friends, being the highest payday ever to a lady. Rachel has also been linked to her co-stars, (one she ended up marrying), an alleged romance with Matt LeBlanc (more popular as Joey from friends has since long done the rounds

According to many, (including the author), her best on-screen performance was the low budget film The Good Girl, where she plays an unglamorous everyday cashier, incessantly cheating her husband.From Gerard Butler to Adam Sandler Jason Bateman ben Affleck to Owen Wilson to Brad Pitt, no star has, for her remained untouched. The ‘Picture Perfect ‘ star has also appeared for Saturday night live and other chat shows

From a fans eyes, Jennifer Aniston has that indescribable unquantifiable quality of bringing that smile, the tiniest feeling of desire, melting out with the next breath, her career over both the big screen and the small has spanned over four decades. She has compiled an impressive body of high-quality work, controversies, and awards and lived a beautiful life, but for anyone who has seen her, Rachel just makes a day

A particularly notable commonality between Jennifer  and Rachel is of course their devil may care attitude and like Rachel would not pay heed to men ogling at her, Jennifer too, laughed away her aversion to padded bras, as during many of the series’, episodes, her cherries (try to understand) literally stand out, she has, of course in banter, been named OG of #freethenipple, but maintains a firm stance against body shaming, highlighting it’s ill effects.


A gutsy girl, Aniston, took on Piers Morgan while she was refuting allegations about her alleged pregnancy. The latter had cheaply commented that she had no right to complain because she put her wares out for the world to see.

The lady sure can act, in the Horrible bosses,  movies her smiles and snarls liven up the series as she shines like a flower between a star-studded male star cast.


To sum up Joanna, we see Jennifer has had a remarkable life, the industry child has used her nurtured talent to great effect. From her erect nipples to her semi dimples, Rachel has in addition to her television success and immense body of work,  a strong movie catalog with commercial success to this wife of two(At different times). With Rachel, and Molly like roles, Jennifer has touched the pinnacles of success and the lasting memory we shall always of her is her gown-clad waitress taking orders at Central Perk

Jennifer Aniston has over the years grown from a young prodigy to a woman worth millions now I may be wrong but her smile for me is better than all her skill put together, not that she lacks in skill too.


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