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After 60 year rule of Congress Party, India has the strongest prime minister in the world, Oh! Yes, we are talking about PM MODI the best Prime minister of India ever. He has not only corrected the flaws of India but has also taken many good steps for development. He works 14 hours a day for his country. If we dig deep, further into his history, this man started as a vendor serving tea to the customers of Railway Station in Gujarat. If you go even further, you will get many positive as well as negative stories, some claims he was good some say bad. He was Chief Minister for 12 years in Gujarat but in this blog, we are going to mention the “Top Ten Positive Steps which were taken by PM MODI”:


  1. After coming to power in India PM MODI started focusing on the infrastructure of India because there were a lot of things which were needed to Improve and add in India. The first programme he launched “Make in India”. This campaign was created to encourage MNCs (Multinational Companies) to manufacture their goods, products in India because he thought that if this happens in India, definitely Many Job opportunities would be created and it will help to reduce the Poverty Line. Now these days, his ambition has become successful.


2.PM MODI always raised his voice against Terrorism from the start of the campaign because India has been targeted by terrorism since independence, which is always sponsored by Pakistan (India’s Neighbouring Country). There have been many terror attacks successfully executed by ISI (Pakistan Intelligence agency) with the help of Jihadi Groups from decades such as 26/11 Mumbai Attack, Mennankam Bomb blast, 2000 Red Fort Attack, 2001 Jammu and Kashmir Legislative assembly car Bomb blast, Parliament attack in Delhi, Raghunath Temple attack in Jammu, transplanted Bomb in Mumbai, Train Bomb attack, Bus bombed. These three attacks happened the same year of 2003 in January, March, and July.

  • PM Modi believes a few people of some political parties also help terror organizations to spread terror in India because it wasn’t possible without political help. After BJP government arrived in India, “Pathankot terror attack stormed at Indian Air Force Base & then, URI SUICIDE ATTACK executed by Pakistan’s Jihadi Group which was active in Kashmir, was a suicidal Bomb attack at Indian Army camp which also victimized 17 soldiers and total 19 were injured.


  • After these terror attacks from the border PM MODI decided a surgical strike as a response to these two terror attacks and this Surgical Strike had been decided in a Secret Meeting with the National Security Adviser (NSA) “Mr.Ajit Dhoval” who is also called the “Indian James Bond”. Ajit Dhoval appointed India’s special Military force “PARA SF COMMANDO FORCE” to execute this surgical Operation. The PARA SF COMMANDOS breached the Line of Control through helicopter and carried out surgical strike. They destroyed total 7 Terror Camps in Pakistan which was presented there.


  • The Main Goal of this Operation was to destroy Jihadi Training Camps from across the Border (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). The Operation was successfully executed & after this operation, there were many Indian Celebrities who congratulated the Indian Army Para SF for this successful Surge Operation. Even the European Parliament praised this step which was taken by the Indian Government.


  1. Now, let’s come to the third step. The third step was a very aggressive decision which was taken by the Indian Prime Minister. Actually, he might have known where corruption started and how many corrupt people were earning in India by corrupt means and duplicate currencies. So HE CHANGED THE OUTLOOK OF INDIAN CURRENCY IN JUST ONE DAY. After taking this decision, he announced this in a Media conference and told about his decision to the INDIAN PEOPLE through LIVE broadcast on Television & he also apologised to all the people of INDIA for this immediate action. But if we go further, basically this is a big response to the Under World Mafias’ who run their illegal business by Fake old currencies and spread corruption to entire India and other countries too. This decision not only shocked the normal people of India but also stormed other Political Parties. Some people of other Parties even protested against PM MODI’s decision and asked to undo the situation


  1. This Time PM MODI Decided to take his fourth Strongest Positive step &the step was ‘Meeting with Mr. Donald Trump’ because the American Ruling Party has changed since last year was that of Mr. Barack Obama. He served 8 years as president & he is one of the Best Presidents of USA. Now, Donald Trump has won the election and has placed himself in the president’s chair. PM ModiThis was the first meet of both the leaders & it was a warm-up meeting of both countries’ Leaders. They have signed many agreements in Trade stream, Energy stream and had the conversation about “how to tackle Terrorism”. The USA offered 22 unmanned guardian drones to India which possesses many unbelievable capabilities to help the Defence Sector. Foreign Media’s prediction was exactly delivered which was expected from USA president Donald Trump (the United States President). He declared Sayeed Salahudeen as a terrorist and the American Government seized all of his properties, money and his house because Sayeed Salahudeen is the head of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen aka a Terrorist organization that spreads terror in entire Kashmir and ruined the atmosphere of peace. He believes that Kashmir belongs to Pakistan & Pakistan government also helping his organization by financially & politically.


5. The 5thstep by PM MODI was to visit Israel & it was a heartiness meeting. He is only the Prime Minister of India who had decided to visit Israel and make a good relationship of both countries in every field such as Defence, Spy Surveillance & Crop Technology.When Prime Minister of India landed his foot in Israel, and so, the president of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu warmly welcomed PM MODI. PM ModiDuring these auspicious moments, both leaders had signed many agreements during the meeting. Now, both leaders have become best friends & the consequence of this warm visit of the Indian Prime Minister was very positive and the agreements that were signed belonged to Science, Agriculture & Technology including spy agencies (RAAW & MOSSAD) of both countries sharing information on intelligence with each other. Both countries even agreed to create a bilateral technology innovation fund which is approximately of $40 Million. Israel will also implement their Biotechnology in India & India will help them in the field of IT and both countries exchanged their space technologies since India has reached the top in Space field. Both countries are trading with each other and making one another better.


  1. The sixth step was Mongolian Visit & this visit was very important for Indian strength & This Country People welcomed PM MODI in their special Tradition way. When Prime Minister of India arrived in Mongolia Chimed the prime minister and shake hand with Indian Prime Minister & had participated in walk with PM MODI and & both countries Prime Minister have signed many agreements such as India-Mongolia strategic Partnership ,Both Leaders  have decided to Plant a Direct Air Service from both countries, understanding between the Ministry of home Affairs of the republic of India and  Ministry of Justice of Mongolia  because It helps to enhance cooperation in Border defence policy and surveillances, The Main Big thing which Mongolia Need was Cyber Security but Now India establishing their Own Cyber Security Training Centre in the Ministry of Defence of Mongolia . Both countries have also signed to Understand on cooperation between the Ministry of External Affairs of the Republic of India and the Ministry of foreign affairs of Mongolia. The ministry of the new and renewable energy of the government of the Republic of India and the Ministry of Energy of the government of Mongolia on cooperation in the field of renewable energy. There is more agreement has been signed between two Countries these are the main stuff which we mentioned here.


7. Now let’s take a Look on PM MODI 7thStrongest Step which is strategically More Powerful than Mongolia Visit Because This time PM MODI decided to tackle South china sea tension by Vietnam visit because Vietnam is situated near south china Sea and as we all know that china always claims the south china sea is a part of china because china name comes after south word  this is why china continuously shows that part Belongs to them and Even china not only claiming this thing but also they implemented their Army in South china Sea to pressurize & for to convince other South China nearest countries and Indicating  to everyone ‘No one has a right to capture his place’ but unfortunately, that area is an Independent part  & it doesn’t belong to anybody else so, PM MODI decided to visit Vietnam and he had signed many agreements and offered some defence equipment to Vietnam  as an agreement . INDIA sold one Brahmos Missile to Vietnam for to teach the lesson to China& India have signed 12 agreements and that agreement belongs to defense Sector, IT sector, Double Taxation, share legal ship information, strategic ties. Vietnam also showed their keen interest in Air & defense production & finally, PM MODI announced $500 million for Vietnam Advance defense cooperation development.


8. The 8th step was a treatment for all businessmen who don’t pay their taxes to Indian government so PM MODI decided to create GST (Good Services Tax System) to remove the cascading tax effect, higher threshold for registrations, to gaining online form procedure under GST. The taxpayers in India will pay a seamless tax instead of the galore of taxes such as VAT, Central Excise, Service Tax, Entry Tax or Octroi, Customs Duty, Central Surcharge & Cess, Luxury Tax, Entertainment Tax, and Purchase Tax and a few other indirect taxes. GST will be payable at the final point of consumption on the price of goods and services; termed as a “transaction value.

9. This Time PM MODI step was irresoluteness because there is one side Positive & one negative, actually, this step was taken before the election of Gujrat. This time JAPAN Prime Minister “Shinzo Abe” visited INDIA .he arrived in Ahmedabad city which is located at the state of Gujarat &PM MODI signed an agreement of ‘Bullet Train’ project with Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe .this bullet train will run with the speed of 300-350 Km/hr from Mumbai to Ahmedabad & Ahmedabad to Mumbai. This high-speed railway line will land on 15th August 2022 at 75th Independence Day. Some People claims PM MODI has taken this step to draw his good Image in front of Gujrat people because the election was coming and they want their government in Gujrat state.


10. The last 10th Big step which was taken by PM MODI was “Sanity system improvement” in the tribal village areas of India.He started the campaign “jahan soch wahan shauchalaya” & provided them toilets to each villages tribal area in the entire states of INDIA because Previous ruled government didn’t fix small basic needs of INDIA & this was only the bug which helps foreign media to troll INDIA in their channel & to portray the wrong Image of India .The countries media who hate India are Pakistan, Australian people &British people .there are a lot of things left which has to cover about Prime Minister of India.


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