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Ricky Martin| Hilarious Confessions & facts


Handsome and good looking grammy award winner Ricky Martin is originally known as Enrique Martin Morales started out his career with the all-boy musical group Menudo at age 12. Ricky Martin is a Puerto Rican singer, author, and actor. He was born on December 24, 1971(46 years), in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He sings the Spanish version of “Go the Distance” in the main theme of Hercules. He released series of solo Album in the Spanish language in the 1990s after using 5years with the Menudo group. Rickey has two twin boys named Matteo and Valentino through a surrogate mother in 2008 and he is married to Jwan Yosef (an artist who was raised in Sweden but was born in Syria) in early January 2018, meanwhile, they have been dating since the year 2016. Ricky Martin said he is proud to say that he is a fortunate homosexual man (gay), he said he is also very blessed to be a gay.we are also thinking to add him in our “handsome man in the world ” but there are already top 10 celebrities exist in Hollywood & Bollywood who placed themselves on the list so, here we’re  have written his various facts and confessions so lets start :

Ricky Martin


Ricky Martin confessed that him and Jwan Yosef had secretly gotten married with a prenuptial agreement and he promised that a big party is going to come up in the coming months and will be at least three days of fasting. He was really nervous when he wanted to propose to Jwan Yosef, but he got on his knees and he brought out the little box, and instead of saying ‘will you marry me’? he said ‘I got you something ‘ lol. After leaving the Menudo group, he went to study acting in New York and after he was through with his studies, he relocated back to Mexico where he starred in “mama ama el rock” ( mama loves rock).

Ricky Marting


 Ricky Martin is being known for his song livin’ la vida loca, the song helped him to attain huge success, this song also makes it easier for another Spanish singer to move their song from a Spanish speaking market into the English speaking market, the song is one of the best sold single of all time and has sold over 8million copies, and he also has his first album in English language titled “Ricky Martin” (his fifth album) 22million copies were sold worldwide, it was rated no 1 in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Finland and Spain, it reached top 10 in some other country, it was no 2 in the United Kingdom and it is also one of the best-selling album of all times. Martin’s mom is an accountant while his dad is a psychologist. His parents were divorced when he was 2 years old, Martin has a Roman Catholic background and he was also an altar boy throughout his childhood.

Ricky Martin


When the Menudo group became a UNICEP ambassador, he then developed an interest in the work of a philanthropist and he worked with malnutrition children that are I the third world countries and this further inspired him to continue doing charity work later in life. After the performance Martin in mama ama el rock, there was a producer in the audience that took notice of his acting and the producer gave him another role in the “Alcanzar Una Estrella” after the show and he also starred in the second season of  “Alcanzar Una Estrella II).



While he was pursuing his acting career, he was also making waves on releasing his albums and appearing in several concerts. He also has an Autobiography which he published on Nov 2, 2010 and this book became part of the list of New York times best seller. Ricky Martin was announced as a coach on The Voice Australia and he appeared in the first episode of season 2 in 2013. In 2016, Martin was replaced by Ronan Keating in The Voice Australia which was announced to him on his 44th birthday. Martin! Aside from being a roman catholic also believed in all other religions especially the Buddha”s religion, he believes that if a person is doing one religion, the one religion can limit the person. He played the role of a Puerto Rican singer on the US TV soap opera in 1994 titled “General Hospital”. In the same 1994, Martin was encouraged by his agent to move to Los Angeles so he could act in an American sitcom titled “Getting By”.



Ricky Martin was inspired to write songs by his maternal grandfather when he was young, this was easy for him because his grandfather was a poet. When Martin was 9 year old, he began to appear in some Puerto Rican TV commercials for products such as toothpaste, soft drinks and some restaurant.



He starred in eleven commercials in one and half year. Ricky has an organization named Ricky Martin Foundation with the mission to prevent human-child trafficking, prosecution of these traffickers and to support the well-being of children all over the world. Some of those legends that influenced Martin positively in his musical career are Madonna, Sting, Daniel-Day Lewis, Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand and Elvis Presley.


Ricky Martin has a Tenor, Vocal Range. Martin and Yosef decided to rent a house in Los Angeles for 1 month to know if the environment will be suitable for them or not and guess what? They really loved it, and so they purchased an 11,000 square foot, the modern place made by Architect Gregory Ain and an interior designer was also employed to get the house ready in two months. Martin was seen recently on social media showing off his bare ass walking through the bathroom door in a post and that ass picture is part of his Las Vegas show. Ricky told the media that he wants people to look at them and say there is nothing with being gay and having a gay family. He said being a gay is part of his mission and his kid’s mission as well. He said, “my kids asked me about having two daddies and I tell them we are a part of the modern family”.



Before Ricky Martin got announced his marriage, he has been seen wearing a ring on that finger way long before he exchanged his vows with Yosef. He was also seen with 3 different rings which he rotate the wearing of those three rings which are: a simple gold band, an emerald stone, and two double-thick ones, but what those rings symbolize is unclear.