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Rolex Facts | The facts Behind Rolex watch

The most successful people in the world trust and rely on the design of Rolex watches and thus has always been on the top of the list for many successful people. Just mentioning the name of this company symbolizes success and prestige to most. In this article, we will reveal the top 10 facts about the company. We will reveal all the details that you have always suspected or never knew.

  • The Company was not always in Switzerland

Coming up top on the list is the Rolex facts that the company was more of a watch assembler than a watchmaker in London (1905), using imported Swiss watch parts and English watch cases. The Company stayed active in London for 14 years, until 1919. Indeed, shortly before that, the brand started to manufacture a few parts in-house. Yet, they quickly discovered that Switzerland was the best option when it comes to the production of watch parts. This is why in 1919, they moved to Geneva, where the headquarters are still today. The company has since being registered in Switzerland.

  • The timepiece was not initially this expensive.

This brand had always provided brilliant craftsmanship and advanced technology with their watches. They did not start receiving huge money from them when they started, not until the 1980s. The market demanded flashy items to show they are wealthy. The company increased production but also increased the price.In 1981 the average watches cost about $900. By late 1991 this price had increased to $2500.

  • Record-breaking company

The vintage market boomed with higher demand for older and beautiful timepieces. An extremely rare timepiece of this company set the price record as the most expensive watch ever sold. The 1942 stainless steel chronograph was sold for $1.176 million at Christie’s Important Watches sale in Geneva. The sale price has yet to be broken. other Rolex facts you just might wish you had known earlier is that the 1926 Rolex Oyster was the first-ever completely hermetic and waterproof wristwatch, protecting it not only from water projections but also from dust and humidity.

Rolex Facts

  • The very best of materials

The swizz based company uses the best materials when constructing their watches and this is one good Rolex facts. Many of these materials, including stainless steel and precious metals, are made in-house. These high-quality material ensure that the watches offer better resistance to water, pressure, and shocks. Using the most superior quality materials in satisfying their customers all around the world.

  •  Counterfeit detection

I love these Rolex facts in which their watches are so well made and it is usually easy to tell if a watch is fake. If the second hand gracefully sweeps the dial it is probably a real piece. A fake second hand will tick. The serial and model numbers on a genuine one are deep and perfectly marked in solid, very fine lines that will actually glow in the light at an angle like a diamond cut edge. Conversely, the numbers on a fake, or replica, are typically made up of faint tiny dots due to a lower quality marking process. In other cases, these numbers on counterfeit watches will have a sandy-like appearance from being “acid etched”.

  •  Popularly grew during World War 2

Because of their reliability and endurance, many pilots in the British Royal Air Force used the watches during World War II and this leads us to know other Rolex facts. Seeing the value, these watches were often taken by Nazi soldiers. The company, in return, offered replacements to prisoners of war based only on their word, causing Rolex to become a symbol of prisoners of wars.

  •  A kind of charity organization

It’s important to note that the Foundation’s trustees are not owners or shareholders; they are only custodians, like the board of a nonprofit. They decide how to reinvest the profit, hire or fire the director, and so on. As trustees, they may get a free watch from time to time, but they are not owners and don’t benefit financially.
This brand is a globally successful company which generates 4 billion in sales annually, belongs to no one, Nobody uses this money. How many billions has it hoarded over the years is a mystery as neither the company’s or the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation’s accounts are public.

  • Perfect for Hollywood

Most of us are familiar with Great Escape the movie; however, not many are aware that it was made possible because of the Rolex and many are also not aware of this Rolex facts. Corporal Clive Nutting placed an order for a replacement The Oyster 3525, Wilsdorf replied to him personally while being impressed by the fact that he owned such an impressive watch. The watch was delivered to the prison camp, Stalag Luft II. Wilsdorf declined Nutting’s request to pay for the watch and even apologized for the delay. Nutting made use of this watch’s precise movement to time the guards and escape with his fellow prisoners.

Rolex Facts

  •  Rolex watches go through proper testing

Every of the timepiece is placed in a sensitive air-pressure chamber to determine if there are any air leaks in the case. These are also interesting Rolex facts that we want you to know about all dive-rated watches are then placed in a tank in which they are water-pressure tested to the equivalent of 300 meters (about 1,000 feet) deep. They are then subjected to a condensation test in which a drop of water is placed on the crystal of a heated watch. If a medical-grade optical sensor finds any condensation, the watch is scrapped. Deep-sea rated these watches are subjected to one final test in which they are subjected to the same kind of pressure they would face 12,000 meters (about 39,000 feet) below the surface of the ocean, even though the deepest spot in any ocean is just 10,911 meters down. But this timepiece has already been there.

  • Every piece still carefully made by hand

Although most people find it hard to believe but the Rolex facts still remains that these watches are still carefully made by hand. Even though some machines are used in the build the important aspects of the buildup of the timepiece is carefully crafted by swizz fingers. Engineers work day in day out to get a perfect specification for each timepiece .created in the specialized laboratory in Geneva Switzerland, each timepiece takes a year to complete production process.