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Saba Qamar | insulted Bollywood Stars

Asia is a beautiful place, beauty itself, of course, being a subjective term, has different meanings for everyone, if we talk about the beauty of the skin and the beauty of simplicity of heart, the author feels that the area where the first ancient civilization developed, I.e. , Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro meaning thereby modern day north west India, Afghanistan and Pakistan, more especially modern day Afghanistan and Pakistan have the most beautiful people(read ladies), not only in skin and beauty, these lasses ,stand out, be it Hina Rabbani Khan , Benazir Bhutto, Mahira khan, or our current subject Saba Qamar, it seems that the area to the west of the Sindh has a beauty of its own.

Saba Qamar

So coming to Saba Qamar Zaman, the diva is one of the most handsomely paid film and television actresses in Pakistan, she burst on to the scene with her compelling and titillating role in Main Aurat Hoon, 2005 television soap.


Originally born in Hyderabad (Pakistan) and bought up in Gujranwala, after the death of her father, Miss Saba Qamar was one of the rare students who modeled, acted, presented at events while in Lahore for higher studies. After her aforementioned role she starred in Main Aurat Hoon she played a PTV award (public and jury both) winning role in Tinkay. What followed was a role in Bint E Adam,(a love story, where a rich girl falls for a poor boy,) which won her both fame and acclaim.


One of her most memorable roles was as Suraiya in dastaan. She grabbed the first Pakistan media award for best actress, portraying the smiley cheerful protagonist with class and aplomb.


Her latest television award came in 2012 for Tera Pyaar Nahin Bhoole, where she played the role of a damsel in love, with aplomb.

Saba Qamar

Making her film debut in the movie ‘Manto’, Qamar has not looked back. She then starred in Lahore Se Aagey a spin-off of Karachi se Lahore. In Bollywood, her biggest hit and probably her last movie in India has been Saket Chaudhary’s Hindi Medium opposite Irfan Khan, and in the words of a rap in the movie,( tainu suit karda ) the role of the female lead, did suit the fairy-like actress. Personally, another role which suited the Baghi and Besharam (Pakistan productions) star was the controversial role of Fatima in Jinnah Ke Naam.


A mimic too, Saba Qamar has loads of skill. She has both negative and positive ability in what she speaks. She is a voracious reader and a bathroom singer too.


She has been one of the actors who crossed the LoC in pursuit of art, a success-driven star, she has ambitions which led her to Hindi Medium with Irfan Khan. Both the movie, her beauty and her work were hugely appreciated and having seen the movie, I do testify to her acting,  for sharing a screen with Irfan Khan at a similar plane of acting is no mean feat, and she achieved it in her usual effortless style.


An actor by happenstance, She started acting, as a fill-in, fearful of the family’s reaction, she did, however, open up with them eventually and the high fees she soon started commanding, is mostly enough to silence backward thoughts. She, by her admission, finds acting really easy, her natural style indicates just that.


The famous dialogue, Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned’ seems to have been written for this diva, the only caveat being, the fury seems to be fake, more a result of prejudice than problems faced.

Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar has at shows like good morning Zindagi’ and even on news channels openly insulted not only the stars if, but Bollywood itself, with comments like calling the easy going Salman khan a ‘Chichora’, insulting Deepika, making comments uncalled for against Vivek oberoi amongst other insults aimed at their industry, rather confounding given that it was the diva who had chosen Bollywood and her agent who had roamed seeking offers, and her double speak becomes more prominent when these comments are contrasted against her thankful statements almost s subservient in nature,  made in India, the Indian film fraternity, too has united, with a tacit understanding based on a formal decision to not cast her.


Although in the aftermath of these statements when she realised that she had burnt herself with her rather sexy tongue, (in the aftermath of these statements being printed in the Hindustan Times),she did tweet and indirectly and directly tried to point out that she was joking, with the directory of movies like black and Padmavati Director responded without contemplation words and did not stoop down to her level, but he and others who responded put her in her place.

Moving on the seductress is alleged to.  have multiple affairs, maybe just maybe they may not all be false. She does, however, have to her name a major controversy when QandeBalochoch (namecheck) openly proposed Indian Cricket Team captain, Virat Kohli, asking his Madame Anushka to move aside, now we do understand that real men may be lacking in their area and country, but does it mean that the publicity desperate, slaves of lost fame  can develop the disrespect to try and put such words across,Virat and Anushka thankfully did not respond .


Summing the Pakistani Hyderabadi bombshell up properly we find that miss Saba Qamar(meaning waist in Hindi) is not only blessed with a good, thin sexy waist, a long tongue, and seductive lips but is endowed with more than adequate…Thirst for success and talent for the aim.


She has over the years carved out for herself a niche with her free-flowing smile and natural skill. From her days doing accomplished high-quality theatre to television shows like Main aurat hoon to Tera Pyar Nahin Bhoole to Tinkay, to movies like Karachi se aage to hits like manto .Saba Qamar has not only been a pretty face, but an accomplished actor, leading to a hit like Hindi medium, but probably because of her long(and beautiful) tongue she won’t get a job in Indian cinema again. It will be her loss, definitely.



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