Samsung Facts | The untold facts of Samsung

Samsung was invented in the year 1938, it was founded by Lee Byung-Chul. The company’s name was built from the Korean words sam which means (three) and sung which means (stars), the tri-star symbol (三星) is said to stands for something big, numerous and powerful culturally, and this is the first Samsung facts you wish you had known.


In 1954, Lee founded Cheil Mojik and he built the plant in Chimsan-dong, Daegu and it was the largest woolen mill ever in the country. Another Samsung facts you might never know before is that when the company started, they started out as a trading company of just 40 employees that involves in locally grown produce, dried fish and in the creation of noodles and their electronic ambitions started in the year 1970 with the production of a black and white television and this TV was loved by people a little bit, also, they started the production of mobile phone in 1986 with a car phone, this car phone from was poorly received had terrible sales as a result of not being well received by people.


The Samsung logo changed a few times due to the 70s, it was changed only three times until the current logo was designed in 1993. In the same year in 1993 Samsung’s Chairman Lee Kun Hee evolved a philosophy in the new management which support product quality as one of its core values, in order to further promote this conception, the Human Resource Development Center created new training and development courses to help with this professional growth in their companies, but this did not really happen until the year 1995.

In 1995, Kun-hee Lee was frustrated because of the quality of his products and there was lack of change in the direction of his production. And I think you should also get to know these Samsung facts that in those trying times, numerous phones, televisions, fax machines and other electronics were stacked up high, Kun-Hee Lee and his board of directors then Went ahead to destroy each and every of these products, they even went as far as to break the cases and screens using heavy hammers. And as they were doing this, Kun-Hee Lee made sure that close to two thousand employees were around to witness this, more than $50 million worth of hardware was destroyed on that day and this cause a new Samsung to finally emerged.


  • After the whole dramatic experience, new things begin to fall in place, the era of new management begin as supposed and there was quick growth and the company begins having global success. And since then, they’ve certainly created a number of different varieties of products that are firsts in the electronics industry. I guess we have Lee to thank for this. In the year 1996, The Samsung SCH-100 was released, and it was the first phone to make use of CDMA technology, but at that particular time, CDMA was a new technology before the existence of 4G/LTE technologies which has higher advantages over GSM.


  • In early 1999, a watch phone “SPH-WP10” was produced by Samsung and it was the first to build a watch that can also be used as a phone and this seems to be fascinating Samsung facts. This special watch could not only tell the time but it could also make phone calls for up to 90 minutes, so after it might have worked for 90mins, the battery would go down and you would need to charge it. The watches’ screen was a monochrome LCD type, and there were buttons that can be pressed for each command around the menu. This amazing watch phone has a voice commands for dialing your contacts. Unfortunately, this watch phone did not really find public success but it is nice to know that their smartwatch making days begin in a very long time. Another Samsung facts are that they were one of the first to enter into the smartphone production way long before iOS and Android.


  • About 90% of Samsung equipment is made in their factories. Samsung does not only deals in technology, Its construction sector was also responsible for the construction of the world’s tallest building which is the Burj Khalifa.This company truly are a worldwide employer, they have employed over 236,000 staff in 79 countries products. South Korea’s Airforce has a lot to thank Samsung for. This Electronics giant created their first ever fighter jet which is the KF-16.Samsung has a building in New York called 837 which is known as a digital playground that is dedicated for showing off their kit, from a huge theatre display made of 96′ 55” screens to a VR Tunnel and a family-focused Playroom using a Galaxy View. In the year 2010, the announcement of a 10-year growth strategy which was centered around five businesses of which one of these businesses was to be focused on biopharmaceuticals, to which has committed ₩2,100,000,000,000.


  • Samsung Electronics sold its hard disk drive business to Seagate in December 2011. As at the year 2012, Samsung has invested more than US$13 billion in the Austin facility, which operates under the name Samsung Austin Semiconductor. This makes the Austin location the largest foreign investment in Texas and it is one of the largest single foreign investments in the United States. Also in the first quarter of this same year, Samsung Electronics became the world’s largest mobile phone maker by unit sales, overtaking Nokia electronics, which had been leading the market since 1998.  Also, in the year 2013, this great company had over four hundred and sixty percent more employees than Apple with it employing over 370,000 and Apple barely employing up to 80,000.



Here are another Samsung facts– this company has a strong influence on South Korea’s economic development, media, culture, and politics and it has been a major driving force behind the “Miracle on the Han River”. And also Its affiliate companies produce around a fifth of South Korea’s total exports.

These Samsung facts you might not know is that in the year 1992, this company became the world’s largest producer of memory chips and they are the world’s second-largest chipmaker after Intel company. these interesting facts are just wow! Could you also believe that they have been the sponsors of Premier League football club Chelsea since the year 2005 and this sponsorship lasted for ten years in June 2015.