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Sienna Rose Diana Miller is popularly known by her stage name as Sienna Miller, she is a British-American actress and also a model and fashion designer. Sienna Miller was Born on December 28, 1981, in New York City, she had already been taken to live in Parsons Green (an area that located in southwest London) when she was eighteen months old. Her mother is a South African and she belongs from British American nationality since her father is an American. Her father, Edwin Miller was an American banker who later changed his profession as a dealer of Chinese Art and her mother name was Josephine Miller. Her family moved from London to the United States. She was raised properly together with her sister, Savannah by her mother after her parents got divorced.

Sienna Miller grew up surrounded by the theatre and wanted to be an actress from a young age. Her mother, who at one time ran the Lee Strasberg Institute in London, went into labor with her while watching the Nut Cracker Suite.

Sienna Miller

Afterward, Sienna attended the Heathfield School in Ascot, Berkshire, she then returned to her birthplace to develop her acting skills at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.  Her role as a supporting cast in Alfie was remarkable in the year 2004. She acted during the time alongside with Jude Law. Apparently, she was started starring in several movies one after another.   What Sienna did not expect was that she would helplessly fall in love with the leading man of “Alfie,” Jude Law, who also experienced the same feeling. Within a month after her first acquaintance of the gorgeous actor, Jude Law, she decided to end her former relationship with her boyfriend, David Neville who is a model whom she had dated since 2001. The news of her becoming Law’s new girlfriend created the great sensation as Jude had just officially divorced his wife, Sadie Frost. This undoubtedly propelled her to receive more publication and automatically brought her name to the surface. With this increasing status, she gloriously earned a supporting role in Lasse Halstrom’s ” Casanova” in (2005).

She was happily engaged to Law after he proposed to her on Christmas Day in the year 2004, Sienna was shocked upon her They were engaged on a Christmas day during the year 2004. Law, during one of the public event, made a confession to Sienna Miller in July 2005 for having affair with someone else. Law was having an affair with his children’s nanny named Daisy Wright, while he was filming “All the King’s Men” in Louisiana, U.S. Miller was Devastated by Law’s high level of infidelity, Sienna put no delay to end their engagement even though Jude Law had revealed his regret publicly.

After several months, however, she was willing to give him a second chance under some terms and conditions, especially that of not cheating on her again. Meanwhile, Sienna’s career went smoothly as she was cast to play the lead female in ” Factory Girl ” in 2006 while she was also being able to make her West End debut, playing Celia in the stage production of “As You Like It” at Wyndham’s Theatre in London.

Barely one month together, Law discovered that Sienna Miller was also having an affair with his best friend, actor Daniel Craig, whom she met during the production of “Layer Cake.” This relationship has reportedly started months before she began dating Law which meant that she had cheated him right behind his back. Law felt betrayed, he then ordered her to leave their home in London and by the middle of October 2005, the couple permanently ended their engagement amidst the tidings of her pregnancy.  However, the love story between them apparently still continued as they were spotted spending a night together in London a month later, bringing out the rumors of reconciliation which then was confirmed when both of them attended the premiere of “Casanova.”  Sadly, their relationship again only lasted for such a brief time as they once again decided to put an end to their relationship by late January 2006, with Law saying that it was for good.

Before her professional acting career surfaced, Miller worked as a photographic model. She signed with Tandy Anderson of (Select Model Management London), and also modeled for Coca-Cola, Italian Vogue, and she posed topless in the 2003 Pirelli Calendar. Hugo Boss Fragrances announced that Miller would be the new ambassador for their women’s BOSS Orange women’s perfume in February 2009.

Miller is successful with her net worth which is mostly earned by her playing the character of a drug-addicted, and chain-smoking as well as emotionally drained personality. She has an incredible salary along with the net worth of about 18 million dollars within the present.    Sienna Miller is an ambassador for the UK branch of the Starlight Children’s Foundation, which works with seriously ill children and their parents. She is also the Global Ambassador for International Medical Corps. And she traveled with them to the Democratic Republic of Congo in April 2009 and kept a blog about her experiences. She had also visited Haiti with the group after the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Sienna also worked alongside Global Cool during their 2007 eco-friendly campaign.

She was announced as the face of Pepe Jeans in 2006 with financial backing from Pepe, she and her sister Savannah launched the label Twenty8Twelve by Miller which indicate her date of birth. She spoke of the collaboration in an interview with the LA Times: “If I was on my own, people might just think it was a quick fix, but because Savannah’s a designer, it sort of makes sense. I know what I like, I can describe it, but she’s the genius.” the two sisters later left the label as co-creative directors in January 2012 to focus on other ventures. The line continued under its existing design team as “Twenty8Twelve London”.

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller won lawsuits against a photographer and an agency in the year 2008 for taking photographs of her filming a nude scene. The case made her receive a substantial payout and resulted in tightened privacy legislation. She said in an interview with The Guardian that “I’ve bought my freedom, in a way… They can’t take photographs of me anywhere I expect privacy.” She was also one of the first people to take action against News International in relation to the phone-hacking scandal and gave evidence at the Leve son Enquiry in November 2011.